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  1. There are a number of people to which this quotation is atributed. It actually went something along the lines that one should try everything in life except incest and morris dancing. It is supposed to be the composer Arnold Bax or Constant Lambert. The Beaux of London City appeared in one of the St. Trinians films, (there are only three - but I can't remember which one it is!). Chris
  2. I may be able to help! email me at cnrobinson@btinternet.com Chris
  3. It would be worth going for a small (say 8 -12) input mixer. These are relatively cheap but give you great flexibility. Go for one with an output for a slave ampm, this can then be used for foldback. We used to use this system in my band (Two Left Feet) for dances and it worked well. As the mixer does not have its own amplifier you can feed it into a power amp to give you as much volume as you need! I used a 'Quad' amp with 'Peavey' speakers. The floor monitors were a godsend for the band as only my concertina was miked through it, not my voice mic for calling! I got all of mine second-hand, much cheaper than buying a system new! They tend to be very robust so there was never an issue with maintenance, but I always took a soldering iron and screwdrivers to gigs! You can't charge people and then break down half way through their wedding reception, just not professional! Chris
  4. It is indeed a bodhran! If played well it certainly adds to the music, the trouble is that you often get wall to wall bodhrans played by beginners which is sheer torture! On the Celtic Connections programe Niall talks about the concertina and you get good close-ups of his anglo. It looks well-used to say the least! Chris
  5. If you want to see some amazing anglo playing go to www.bbc.co.uk, go to TV, then BBC4, then Celtic Connections, then Buille. There are three videos of this amazing band featuring Niall Vallely on anglo. Brilliant! Chris
  6. I do! With a very good flute player who is always banging on about 'legato'. I tend to change direction at the end of a phrase to make the flow 'smoother', but that may well say more about my technique than about the music! Chris
  7. Peter, I have tried several different concertinas with 5 fold bellows including Wheatstones, Lachenal (both hex and edeophone) and Jones. Personally I play a Crabb octaganel with a 6 fold bellows and find the extra air gives me more control over where I change direction. Chris
  8. I have to say that I find 5 fold bellows on an english a problem, in that you have to change dirrection during a bar rather than after (between) them. This must be the same for duets. Just like singing, taking a breath during a phrase breaks it up. You need enough air to get to the end of the line! I am useless on the anglo but when I have played around on them I have found that some tunes require more pull than push, or vice versa, leading to the use of the air button. 6 or 7 fold bellows seem to me to be the minimum requirement (though I have to say again that my anglo playing is basic to say the least!). Chris
  9. Before I got the radio mic AKG system I used RS Component condenser tie clip mics very successfully in ceilidh bands. On my english I found that attaching the clip to the thumb straps worked really well and was a cheap but good solution to the problem of miking up 'tinas. I used them once to mic up John Rodd's anglo (on the hand strap) and that worked very well! The Nady/AKG radio mic solution meant that I was not tied to the amp, and I could also attach an AKG headset mic for calling/singing. It all worked a treat! Chris
  10. Bridge issued two CDs of Regondi (with Douglas Rogers). Does anyone know if there are more in the pipeline? Chris
  11. Clive, I don't know the exact model, I think they were modified by Accusound. I used them with a Nady 201 True Diversity radio transmitter. They have the AKG B9power supply (now superceded I believe). If your ever near Lee drop in and see them, they work a treat! Chris
  12. I use to use two webbing straps (as sold in travel shops for bed rolls etc.) round the outside of each end, holding the microphones. I use AKGs on stalks away from the body of the tina. This description sounds a bit odd but it works very well. Before I got this system I used simple tie-clip mics with the clips onto the thumb straps. Both these also work with anglos! Chris
  13. Stick with it Jon! I have played with many different lineups, anglos, melodeons, piano accordians etc., and I have never felt in the least bit tempted to give up my Crabb english. Most of the time you can hear it clearly enough above the others, if I get really peaved I use my Wheatstone Piccolo which can shatter glass! I use to play for Morris, indeed when I danced it was often to an english concertina/fiddle combination. Just play, and don't let the Castagnari brigade put you off. In my experience they are often very taken with the sound of english concertinas. Chris
  14. One thing I noticed when watching Astor Piazzolla was that despite the bandoneon being a push/pull instrument he only ever played on the pull. At the end of a phrase he would use the air buttons to close the bellows ready for the next phrase. Really odd to watch. Of course they have huge bellows, but I wonder if any anglo players have ever tried this technique? Chris
  15. These make my 48 key Wheatstone piccolo (13th June 1912, 25612) seem quite bulky. But they are novelties, 'squeaky' is a real concertina! Chris
  16. Oh no, not anglo vs english again! It has always been my experience that people are good musicians in spite of their instrument, not because of it. I can think of any number of really fine musicians who play really awful (in my humble opinion) instruments. Piano accordians! Well Karen Tweed and Phil Cunningham aren't bad. Folk oboe? Oh yes, Sue Harris. At any irish session you get such delightful irish instruments as tenor banjo, bouzouki and mandolin. Actually they seem to fit just fine. Play what you want on what you can. If you're good enough no one will complain, and real musicians will beat a path to your door! Chris
  17. There is a wealth of experience on c.net but first you have to tell us (1) where abouts in the world you are located, and (2) a few details of the concertina in question. Chris
  18. EPs usually had 4 tracks, but they were at 45 rpm! I am looking at one now! Chris
  19. Duet and English concertinas are fully chromatic, though some of the keys are easier than others! (at least for me). only Anglos come in designated keys (C/G, G/D etc.). You need to check which type you get on with before you take the plunge! My brain simply wont communicate with my fingers if I try the Anglo (Pull/Push) variety. Chris
  20. Blimey was first noted at the end of the 19th century, at that time 'to blind' was to curse! It is a cockney expression, cockneys being Londoners born 'within the sound of Bow Bells' - so how come a Scot knows all abaht it? Chris
  21. Alan's wife and mine are kindred spirits, (is your wife small and fierce?). However, back to business. The melodeon can be a fine instrument in the right hands, but preferably a long way away. If your heart is set on one fine, but your concertina would get lonely if you neglected it to master the black arts of a G/C box. It is not even a very pretty one! Chris
  22. Thanks, Dave. I will try that. You are quite right about the action, but it is actually quite smooth on the right side! It is only on the left side that they stick in when you push them. I can't see why they should stick, and I did wonder about sanding or reaming the holes, I just didn't want to go ahead without advice. My good concertinas have always been so reliable that the only 'repair' that I have had to do was to remove fluff fromthe odd reed! I looked in your book, but stickin buttons doesn't seem to be covered! Hence the plea for advice as I am sure someone else must have had a simillar problem at some time. Chris
  23. It is sad to note that the genuine auction has atracted one bid, the scam has atracted nine! I also note that the Jeffries anglo scam is still there (Scambusters thread). It is getting to the point where no-one can trust any of these auctions, except, of course, cocoa111's! Chris
  24. In an effort to encourage my youngest to play the english concertina, like 'is dear old Dad, I recently got hold of a Wheatstone Mayfair. The problem is that the buttons on one side stick. (If I can find tune just in the right hand I'm OK). I assume that the left hand end must have got wet (?) at some stage. What is the safest and easiest way to correct this fault? The pads seem alright, as do the springs. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! Chris
  25. Careful! We are in danger of sinking into Dick van Dyke territory (Ev'ry dies a 'olidie wiv Mairree). Is it my imagination or are more people putting where they are from now? Chris
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