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    My main squeeze is the English -- in various sizes, but principally the standard treble, -- but I also play some Crane duet and anglo, and a wee bit on the MacCann duet, which I hope soon to devote more time to. I'll try my Jeffries duet and Chemnitzer once I get them into playing condition, but that may be a while.
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  1. Hi Jim


    Richard here.


    I am curious about the Edeophone Anglos.

    Would you mind sharing with me what yours was like. I know they must be very pretty. How was the sound and playability? 






    1. JimLucas


      Hi Richard,


      It wasn't mine, but belonged to an Irish musician I was visiting in Rochester; NY.  That was something like 40 years ago.  I believe he passed it on to another Rochester musician, but I don't recall the details.


      I believe it was one of a trio of instruments, all 12-sided, 40-button, D/A anglos made by Wheatstone, made for a trio of clowns in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They're documented elsewhere, maybe even in an old concertina.net Topic.   I'll see if I can find links.  I believe Grey Larsen has one of the others.


      Never mind "pretty".  I recall that the action and response were excellent, and it was the loudest concertina I've ever encountered.


      Cheers,  /Jim

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