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  1. I play guitar and harmonica, and I sing. I'm looking for an affordable instrument that will stand up to regular performance. Absolutely looking for whichever system (Anglo or English) that would be best for accompanying singing of folk songs. I do not anticipate playing many instrumental pieces or solos. Let's say my budget is $300. Feel free to ask whatever questions will help understand what I'm after. Thanks!
  2. Here's a link to images: https://postimg.cc/gallery/25rc7aq58/ VERY motivated to sell - will accept a low reasonable offer. I will ship.
  3. I have a Mayfair English concertina for sale. The bellows are in very good condition. Several keys are stuck. The hand straps (yes, there are brackets for mounting hand straps, but the instrument sound the same note on both push and pull) are missing. I have done some basic research into the value of these instruments; that said, I understand that it needs work. I am VERY motivated to sell, as I have a family to feed and several major debts to address. Please message me with reasonable offers (inclusive of shipping costs if you can approximate the cost from 08882 in the USA). I will sell or trade for acoustic guitars, tenor banjos or or possibly other stringed instruments. Obviously, the more local an instrument trade is, the better. Thanks in advance for reading; please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will answer as soon as possible (have to work from a library).
  4. I'm willing to make the concertina available for sale if people would like to make fair offers. I understand that value can range greatly, but I also understand that the cost of repair can vary if a buyer can do any, much or all of the work themselves. I am in a terrible financial situation with a family to feed - message me and we can discuss a sale.
  5. Hi all, New member, been reading here on and off for a while. I'm the proud new owner of a 30-button Mayfair Anglo. It's in need of some TLC. The bellows are intact and the leather is supple. No drying or cracks I can see. It needs new hand straps, and a couple of the buttons stick sometimes. I'm in the US, NJ specifically. Where might I go for good repair work? How much might I expect to pay to get the instrument fully functional again? What's a decent ballpark figure for a sale in its current state, as a project? Thanks in advance!
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