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  1. Jack, what country are you in? Barleycorn Concertinas in the UK have commissioned and starting selling a new line of concertina reeded Anglos for £999, not sure if it's C/G or G/D. It's called the Blackthorn, I think. I've heard one and it sounds good. Might be worth a chat with them. Good luck in your search Joy
  2. I started on slanted, went to parallel (W2 and Beaumont) without any trouble at all, and recently started playing slanted again, also with minimal problems, just that some of the little finger placing is a little more difficult if I'm stretching - my finger doesn't know where to go. All of the other fingers instinctively know where to go on both. I prefer the parallel, but only slightly. I haven't found that switching between the 2 layouts has has been a big deal. Joy
  3. The problem with the binocular harness, I have found, is that the harness straps are further apart then the ends of the concertina when it's closed, so they pull the concertina bellows open when it's at rest, which reduces the airtightness. For this reason I'm thinking of getting a neck strap, as the width of my neck isn't much wider than the width of the concertina when the bellows are closed, so the bellows won't be forced open. Cheers, Joy
  4. Enjoyed Autumn Leaves, you have a good sound together. Nice concertina playing. Shame Misty's been removed from Youtube. Cheers, Joy
  5. Wow, this is fabulous. I've been looking for ideas to use in my own playing, and your playing has given me inspiration and something to aspire to. Thank you for that. Also - what a lovely thing to do as a family. Joy
  6. Hi Soloduetconcertina, Hope you're well! I have one of those square double reeded Bastaris that Brian is playing on the film, it's very possible that you had tried it when you were researching available Hayden instruments a few years ago - what a joy it was to see someone play a Hayden well! I vaguely remember taking every Hayden I possessed except the Stagi which I didn't think would interest you. All the best, Joy
  7. Enjoyed those. Thank you for posting them, and to Jim for uploading them. Joy
  8. Another Beaumont player: https://www.youtube.com/user/aidas88?feature=em-uploademail He wasn't so keen on the standard finish so his ends are darker than standard, that's why it looks different to the usual Beaumont Enjoy! Joy
  9. Oh yes! to this and to Robin above. Joy Joy
  10. I don't do much octave playing, but when I do, I don't have any problem not using the same fingers, as I think in shapes not fingers, so I just use the same shape on each side with different fingers. Not quite as easy as a mirrored layout, but still fairly easy. The advantage to the non-mirrored layout, for me, is that the left and right hands are a continuation of the same keyboard, just split in 2 at the ceiling end, with an extra high row stuck on the right hand. So if I start playing on the left bottom row, floor end and continue up to the ceiling end, the next note in the layout is the ceiling end of same row of the right hand, continuing down to the floor end again. That applies to every row except one, where there's a note missing in the layout (55 buttons). So Eb, Ab, most of Db, are all doable with a bit of thinking. I love it. Horses for courses. Joy
  11. Following the recent thread about 'soloduetconcertina' playing Hayden very well indeed on Youtube, here's a chap I've not come across before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFrbzN208kI It's a delight to see people playing Hayden so skilfully. Fabulous. Joy
  12. It might be worth thinking about a binocular harness rather than a neck strap, as your concertina is heavy. Binocular harnesses attach over both shoulders / back so you don't have to carry the whole instrument's weight on the back of your neck. Some harnesses are elasticated, which wouldn't suit your needs, but some aren't and could be worth trying. All the best, Joy
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