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  1. a "G" version is available here: (5th version of the collection) https://thesession.org/tunes/18
  2. Get Dave Elliot's Concertina Maintenance manual as a starter!
  3. I'm certainly NOT a teacher or instructor , just an enthusiastic anglo learner like yourself (using ABC), but I'm in Cumbernauld so if you fancy meeting up to see if we can learn a few tunes from each other... ?
  4. Good (wo?) man! I've ordered the Nervous man.... one down... one to go! Thanks! Gerry
  5. Hi Wolf what size/model of Pelican Case did you order??
  6. Too right Peter I know its a great CD but that has to be a world record!!! I'll happily buy a second hand copy if that's all that is available..... anyone want to part with their copy?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to track down a UK outlet for two Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh CDs, namely "The Nervous Man"(2002) & "Inside Out" (2008) Any clues anyone?? Ta! Gerry S
  8. I used to own a PA company. The Shure 57 is a "go to" general purpose mic for acoustic instruments usually in conjunction with a DI on the instrument for live PA reinforcement. If you are recording it might be better to consider a condenser mic designed specifically for recording/studio as these have become more affordable of late. https://www.musicmatter.co.uk/news/best-studio-microphones-under-150
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