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Getting back in to concertina playing, having had one for forty years(!), also having a go, for my own amusement and interest, at repairing/refurbishing concertinas. Currently owning a couple of 20 key Lachenals (repair projects), 26 Key George Jones D/G, 27 key Bb/F Lachenal, 30 key C/G Bastari, and 42 Key George Jones "Perfect" concertinas.

I don't read music so, ABC and midi files slowed down so I can follow them is my method of learning.

Cormac Begley is my inspiration for getting back in to playing, what a player!


Update 2020..... Lachenal Bb/F turned out to be B/F# (restored by Dave Elliot (Thanks!)) Sold the George Jones  D/G and 42 button "Perfect" concertinas and now have 2 George Jones 32 Key and another one away to Andrew Norman for a comprehensive rebuild..... (it was bought as a "wreck"!  I've no doubt he will feature the rebuild process on his website coz it really was a wreck to start with and I'm sure its going to be magnificent when finished!) I also partially restored and then handed on to Dave Elliot to complete the restoration (ie: fix the bits I got wrong!!) a 30 key Lachenal which despite being the cheapest of my concertinas is one I really like the tone of..... 


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