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  1. Hello LJ

           I also play 46 button Anglos . Some of the tunes I play on Anglo I cant transfer directly to 59 button Crane because of its limitations At the high end. Also the 59 goes down to G below middle C . Those few notes are very useful in not having to play them on LHS.   EG Caitlin nic Gabhans tune Heartsrings takes you to G below middle C. And her tune Sundays Well uses C 2 octaves above middle C.

  2. Hello LJ

          I play a lot of English traditional dance music but also accompany song. I  like to play chord accompaniment on LH and have often used bigger RH range than the 48 button offers. I have either had or have 59 and 61 button instruments and you get used to having the convenience of half an octave more. I am encouraging my daughter to play crane and would like to get a larger instrument available for her. 


    Thank you I  am aware of the Wheatstone 55 that Theo Gibb has advertised


  3. Stuart


    I Have 2 46 button Jeffries Layouts as below . I also have a Wheatstone 46 tuned to G/D/A. row nearest the hand straps in A. Hope this helps


    Earliest model



    F/F# A/Bb C#/Eb B/G# G#/Bb C#/Eb G#/D A/D B/D G#/Bb

    C/G G/B C/D E/F G/A Bb/B Eb/F# B/C D/E F/G A/C B/E E/F

    Bb/A D/F# G/A B/C D/E F#/G# C/D F#/G A/B C/D E/G G#/Bb

    A/G B/D E/F Squeak/sq C#/Eb Eb/F F/F# F#/G A/Bb


    F/C AIR




    Later model




    E/F A/Bb C#/Eb A/G G#/Bb C#/Eb Eb/C# G/C# Bb/C# D/A

    C/G G/B C/D E/F G/A Bb/C# Eb/F# B/C D/E F/G A/C B/E E/F

    B/A D/F# G/A B/C D/E F#/G# C/D F#/G A/B C/D E/G G#/Bb

    F#/G# G#/Sq Eb/E Sq/Sq C#/Eb Eb/F F/F# F#/G# A/G#


    F/C AIR

  4. Hello all. i am not a regular user of the forum but with all the comments about Jeffries Cranes i thought i would try and show a picture of the one i play. It is a 61 button ( including the air button) . I have just changed my profile image to show the jeffries Crane.

  5. Hello Karl

    I recently acquired a 48 Crane after playing Anglo systems for a long time. I find the Crane system very logical and much easier to play from written music compared to the Anglo, giving much greater ease of playing in all keys which is useful for song accompaniment. One major difference that I noticed between playing Anglo and Crane is the length of stretch of the fingers to reach the high notes on the right hand. The Anglo has 3 or 4 rows of buttons away from the hand support whereas my crane has 6 rows requiring a greater stretch. In the early days i found accurately reaching the right buttons more difficult. I had tried a McCann before and that was easier for reach but less logical for reading music onto. I am personnally happy with the Crane system and recently acquiring a 61 button instrument. Kevin

  6. The case in the background looks almost identical, including the catch, to my Wheatstone Baritone Treble's.


    Back in the early 1900s, were all those cases made by the same firm & just stamped by the Concertina makers?




    Concertina sucessfully sold. Thanks for the interest.

  7. post-8653-0-61555900-1333969670_thumb.jpgI have a 56 button steel reeded metal ended Lachenal Edeophone that is no longer used. I am based near Bristol in the UK. Ideally to sell within the UK so that the buyer can try the instrument before sale. Looking back at the buy and sell topics i reckon the instrument which is in good condition and very playable is worth £2500- £3000. Open to offers. Kevin
  8. Hello

    I am looking for a good Crane duet. I currently have a 48 button but would like to get a larger than 55 button instrument. I have a 67 button Wheatstone McCann which i am willing to trade for the right instrument. I am based near Bristol UK.

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