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    Anglo concertina, harmonica and music generally
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  1. Hi All, I have pulled together a Spotify playlist of concertina music which you are all welcome to share. You can search 'Concertina' or use the link below https://open.spotify.com/user/paulroberthartwell/playlist/0U0ZItNiClmdoeSwUn2Nah?si=liRDJCXyS7mQ0h1C0Q9DpQ I've tended to put whole albums on by concertina players or where concertinas feature prominently. It's mostly anglo and english system but has a bit of everything. There are a few notable gaps in the collection such as John Kirkpatrick as I'm not familiar with his albums and which are melodeon or concertina. However, I've made the playlist open access /collaborative so you should be able to add to it if you find things you think should be on there. It would be great if people want to add to it. At the moment there is over 40 hours of music so it should keep you busy and hopefully provide a bit of inspiration
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