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    I want to learn sea shanties, Irish airs, popular recognizable songs, as well as Russian folk music.
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  1. Well, I have resolved to actually get the instrument, even though the replies to this post have not been exactly recommending that. I am not expecting much of it, but I can't really afford much more at the moment and I just crave playing it. I know it may not be the best, but I certainly won't give up and I will eventually get a better one when I am more financially able. I am no stranger to broken instruments (my first guitar had only three strings and my first accordion practically had a drone note) and so I pretty much constantly prepare for the worst with this kind of stuff. That being said, I found two videos of this concertina being played, and I actually don't think it seems too bad just to start with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHQYvevA7Lw https://vimeo.com/119930048 Either way, I will be getting it. I know it would be ideal to get something better, but at this point in time and for a while I will not have that option. If it is bad, I will not give up. I have spent the past year or two wanting to play the concertina because I love the music it can make. One specific concertina being bad to play would not shake me off of it for sure. Anyway, thank you for the responses.
  2. I will be purchasing a concertina within the next few days most likely, but I am unsure of the brand and the company that sells it. Would anybody be able to give me a quick review of this specific instrument? The concertina in question is the 30 key Bonetti from USA Music Supply as seen here http://www.usamusicsupply.com/new-30-button-natural-finishl-concertina-accordion-w-case-ap30.html I will be getting this one pretty much no matter what, but I would love to be prepared for the quality of it. I have seen both great hatred and love for this one, but most of it seems to be from beginners that don't know what to look for. Any responses to this would be greatly appreciated.
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