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  1. Thanks for the confirmation, Adrian. I'm guessing swapping the two blocks is a little involved. I'll take it to Folk Club to see if anyone knows someone more competent, if not it'll be a trip to a music shop. Thanks again!
  2. I've recenly acquired a new hybrid anglo concertina with a Jeffries layout, and I'm not convinced that two of the buttons are sounding the notes they should. I thought on a Jeffries the C#/D# (push/pull) should be on the right hand '2A' button in Gary Coover's notation. This means that if I play 3A on the left then 2A on the right should play an octave higher on both the push and the pull, sounding pretty consonant being an octave apart. This isn't the case as the concertina appears to have the C#/D# on the 1A (like I'd expect on the Wheatstone/Lachenal) with the 2A being the inverse - D#/C#. Am I mistaken or is this concertina neither Jeffries or Lachenal? Is this another common layout, or was it just put together with two(four?) of the reeds in the wrong place? All of the other buttons match up with the charts I've seen. I'm fairly new to the concertina but play guitar, banjo and fiddle, so I'm got a good ear and can read music, etc. This isn't my first instrument. Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  3. snoot

    Mcneela Phoenix

    There's a sale on now, ends tomorrow
  4. snoot

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    That's a model of a Stirling Engine https://www.grand-illusions.com/Mobile/stirling-engine-kit-c2x21139866
  5. snoot

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Thanks Adrian, I've made a start on Jenny. The videos are a great help, I especially like the variations you put in on repeats.
  6. snoot

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Are there any tunes that you'd consider easier than the others? I've started with the Black Nag and making good progress, but wondering what to tackle next. I like "Buggering Oates", as it were, but it looks much more challenging!
  7. If you're talking about McNeela sales, they seem to be quite frequent. I bought the wren a month ago in a sale. It's a great starter concertina for about £300 in the sale, though a little Spinal Tap: There's something about this that's so black, it's like how much more black could this be?
  8. snoot

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    Is the general principle to play a note of the underlying chord on the significant beats? Would be interesting to hear this approach to Tango Caliente on an Anglo.
  9. snoot

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    That's beautiful soloduetconcertina, I'm jealous that you have a wine cellar to play in! On the Anglo is it just the melody people are playing or is it possible to fill it out a bit?