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  1. Hi

    Can anyone point me to a thread discussing replacing a reed in a 20 button CG Anglo with C#? I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking on here but I've not located a thread, if there is one. I’m not proposing adding a new button. 

    On my Jones there is a pull D in both left hand rows, so I’m thinking the G row pull D (the lowest G row button) could be substituted with a C#...except the reed will be quite a a bit smaller, so I’d need find a way to make it fit. 

    At a push I could just flatten the D to C#. Not sure how noticeable/annoying the lower octave would be. It’s usefullness might outweigh this.

    it seems to me I’m only gaining because I can use the C row pull D when I need one.



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