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  1. Ah! I was wondering why there weren't any pins. Thanks!
  2. Lastly, the number 60 is stamped on the piece of wood behind the button-holes.
  3. Right! I took the thing apart this evening, just to see what I could find and to see why some of the reeds weren't working. It turns out it was just some crud stuck in them. Cleaned them out, and got them al working bar the buzzing F. The reed is touching the plate, I tried very delicately jiggling it around with a small magnetic screwdriver, but couldn't get it into the right position. Any tips? It turns out the blank and half-blank buttons in my diagrams are: right hand accidentals row: the blank one is Bb/Db, the one to its left is G/E Left hand accidentals
  4. Thank you! The dates and area George Jones was active certainly match up with what I had supposed. As for the hand straps, as far as I can tell they are simply held with one screw in the side frame and one in the end of the wooden hand rest, so I should be able to simply unscrew them and replace them. They will definitely be preserved! If it's of interest, I've attached the note layout, hope it is legible. As you can tell, I was wrong in my original post, it is in fact a Bb/F. The blank buttons are the ones that don't make any sound. The only reeds which see
  5. Thanks Pgidley! Barring the two buttons that don't appear to work, there aren't any novelty noies. The right hand picture in the catalogue appears to be a fairly similar instrument to mine, although, as you say, the descriptions don't quite match up. My concertina has bone rather than metal buttons, but the fact that the maker's label appears to be missing might mean that it has had some work done to it. I haven't got it with me at the moment, but I'll post the note layout as soon as I can. The bellows are in good shape. As far as I can tell ther
  6. Greetings, A few years ago I was given this 34 button C/G anglo. It came with what looks to me like its original wooden box, minus the carrying handle and key. The instrument belonged to my great-great grandfather, who lived in east London sometime in the second half of the XIXth century. As you can see from the photos, instrument is in pretty good nick, considering no-one must have played it for many decades. It is pretty much in tune, although a couple of reeds buzz and the two buttons at the treble end of the right-hand side accidentals row don't produce
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