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    An old question about dating Lanchenals. I have 2 English, nos 45815 & 58716 (which I am trying to refurbish/restore) and an Anglo no. 39666 (no idea of key yet, as I haven't even looked at it.) Can anyone help with their approx ages. Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Thanks Dave. I have all ready bought Alex's suggestion of rabbitskin glue. The grommets are in not bad condition considering their age, so I will be leaving them in situ. Regards Baz.
  3. Thanks Alex. Is that a flexible glue or does it set hard?
  4. Which is the best glue for new pads& dampers to leather lever grommets
  5. Thanks again everyone for your responses. They will give me food for thought when I can get round to doing something about the bolts. Bazhow.
  6. Hi all. Many thanks for your replies. I will try to follow the advice given. If I don't succeed, then that's another story.
  7. I have a 48 key Lachenal English (no 53716) which I am attempting to restore. 3 of the end bolts have sheared off at end box level, leaving the thread bits inside, with nothing to get hold of, to try & twist them out. Has anyone any idea how to remove the female socket, without causing damage to the end boxes, or is it a case of complete new bolts & new holes in the rosewood ends, & filling/laquering the old holes. Bazza12.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll try that if I can find the item.
  9. Thanks for that info. It might be worth a try.
  10. Hi all. Has any one ever tried to or knows how to re-colour black bone buttons, whose tops are now beginging to show the original colour due to age/wear & tear. These belong on my 48 key English Lachenal, which I am contemplating restoration. Thanks for any replies.
  11. Am sort of interested, but I might change the 4 fold bellows to 5/6 fold as they are not in good condition & neither are the leather coverings on the ends. It will depend on prices for new bellows from someone else. I do not fancy the job of making my own, even though you can get the complete kits, I gather. I am a retired engineer, not a player, who likes "tinkering". The box looks virtually identical to the one I have for my 1853 Wheatstone 48 key. Please give me some idea of price, including postage, via my email address, if you want it to be private. (bazhow@hotmail.co.uk) Regards baz.
  12. Yes you're right about that. It certainly protects the bellows from being overstretched. Baz.
  13. Thanks Steve. Have already contacted Chris & ham waiting for his reply. I have a 1853 Wheatstone in an hexagonal box which I do keep on it'side. The concertina is quite a tight fit, so I tip it upside dowm to let the instrument slide out, so as not to pull on the bellows. Regards Barry Howell.
  14. Hi all. Am looking for a wood hexagonal box for an old Lachenal English 48 key instrument that I am going to attempt to restore. Anybody got one or any thoughts who might have one (any condition). Many thanks. Bazza12
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