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  1. Hi Paul, I'm Kari living in London, Ontario. I wonder if I might email you privately or call you about another matter? kveblen@uwo.ca
  2. Hi Steve, I wonder if we might Skype sometime this week and I might hear it being played? Or do you have a sound recording for it? I am looking for -- well, everyone is looking for -- a sweet and mellow, easy to play instrument. Right now I have one made by Frank Edgley who lives a few hours away from me here in Ontario and it's well made with a bright sound. But it is made with accordion reeds and doesn't sound sweet like older ones I've heard in Ireland. Please let me know if you are up for Skyping or if you have a recording of your instrument. Also -- is Michael Eskin the person who recommended your concertina -- as I am an admirer of his and also on FB --? All the best, Kari
  3. Hi Jim, Is this concertina still for sale? best, Kari
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