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  1. Alternatively, if it is sharp of modern ( old philharmonic), it would be C, Bb, G, and F which are the easiest major key fingerings of a C core duet such as mine. Hmm... if the A is true it would yield G# so no match there.
  2. You didn't say orchestral strings, you said classical strings, which includes the guitar, lute, tromba marina, banjo etc.. "Avoiding" open strings implies a choice . "irrefutably correct"? Please..... ?
  3. Are the buttons same note push pull? The button pattern looks Identical to a Jeffries duet.
  4. It's a bit wonky but I'm getting B C and G scales, starting on the push, from the bellows out.
  5. I'll try it a bit later today. There's a pad missing (on the base side I think) that over rides all else, plus the leaky bellows. The 3 lowest RH notes were easiest to discern (judged against my duet which is modern pitch).
  6. The 3 lowest buttons on the diatonic side (RH) from the bellows outward yield (push/draw): eb/g#, c/f, and b/e
  7. Fascinating. Thanx Geoff ! I've just listened to some of Vasher's Youtube offerings: what a full sound it has, even with his maddening ornamentation! Some beautiful new tunes to try on duet also. Was the Mixte developed in France? It seemed to me to have an eastern European look to it. That seems to be the way it's set up. Don't feel bad about playing PA. There was also a nice small (15 white keys 12 bass) Camerano that was tempting but I'm trying my best to stick to the duet concertina. This Mixte, though, deserves more than to live in the back of my closet. If I can't swap it I'll take it out to the Button Box for an evaluation. Thanx.......?
  8. I just got this, along with a very nice fiddle, at a favorite junk shop. It's ancient. It's diatonic. It's very heavy. It seems to be very well made. The bellows have a couple holes in creases. All the reeds seem to sound, some when they shouldn't. The buttons on the base (?) side are linked to form chords. I know I should have left it and I know it's not a concertina. I'm looking for a Jeffries duet that has it's reeds and needs restoration I'm sure someone here will know what this is and if it's of interest to anyone? No external markings that I can see. The decorations are etched then filled in with lacquer(?)
  9. Ornamentation may well vary with instrument, key, player, setting (dance or session) and from time to time. Seems to me a session is a very local (time and place) thing and therefore not broadly authoritative. I agree with Ken and Gary and would add that if you're looking for "cred" check out some of the old stuff. Keep a copy handy when you launch into "Fisher's Hornpipe" in F though.
  10. By following do you mean accompanying or mimicking or something in between? I've always been a strong lead player on fiddle for dances and have found it agonizing to attempt seconding, but to survive being pressed into service with a blue grass band I had to reduce my input to a rhythmic drone/chordal approach to participate. Surprisingly, from that starting point, improvisations became easy.
  11. I have a Jeffries duet 61/4" from the early 1900's and a Lachinal EC 61/4" from the late 1800's. On a whim, when I had both opened up, I swapped the ends, reed pans and all and discovered a perfect fit. Even the end bolts threaded snug and tight. Seemingly there was quite a bit of standardization at this size. Perhaps it's a mongrel?
  12. Coming from duet rather than EC but helpful I hope; Reverse your thinking. Play the chord sequence first and derive the melody from the chord. It's easier to locate the single note needed, which more than likely will be included in the chord, than to grope about for an appropriate cluster of harmony notes. Start with a very sparse simplified version of the tune maybe even one note per bar. Soon you'll be able to join both halves of your brain in the magnificent production of a glorious harmonic whole!....?
  13. A handsome pair! I've been looking for a basse aux pied like forever. maybe someday....?
  14. Our family like many has been making increased use of on line shopping due to the pandemic. In the last few weeks many packages shipped by both UPS and Fedex have arrived in terrible condition and I mean ripped, crushed or otherwise mutilated. Because the contents were mostly soft goods they survived. After politely requesting an explanation from the drivers of both companies, one fellow candidly admitted that because of increased orders and reduced warehouse staff, boxes were simply being tossed in the trucks roughly and as fast as possible to "Just get them shipped out!". Another said that all packages are insured but you don't have to accept it if it's damaged. I had been thinking of shipping my duet for some needed work but the situation seems untenable at this time. I can also imagine this situation increasing the risk of lost or stolen instruments. I offer this as a caution to anyone contemplating use of these services.
  15. Ah, contra dance music! I love that rhythmic style and a new tune to learn...welcome to the forum....?
  16. Delightful! I noticed in some of your links you've played with Tom White On occasion. A new found friend , we've been playing together for contra dances and other stuff. Quebecois, my first fiddle inspiration, hitch hiking in the Northeast Kingdom. love to hear some on EC....?
  17. I dropped him a phone call ( it's included in the ad) and suggested he post the links here.
  18. Hi Jim. I posted this because the location is in such a small geographic location ( extreme NW Conn.) and there are many players in the greater New York /NewEngland area that might be interested. The musician Is not someone I know but I googled Lakewood Connecticut Concertina and a nice picture of ( I assume) his band came up including a fiddler whom I seem to recognize. Perhaps someone here knows the fellow(s). The ad is presented as an offer.
  19. Let's not forget that a large part of the recommended safety procedure is to not infect others (wearing a face covering, etc.) as you may be asymptomatic. Would you be singing?
  20. Northwest Connecticut craigslist posting musical not posted in adjacent areas ( Albany NY, Western Mass.). No interest or affiliation myself.
  21. Don, I'm finding that if you put a positioning hop or an undertuck at the beginning or early in a phrase or string of notes, it sounds more like an accent and less like an act of desperation.....?
  22. You might think of a material with a unidirectional cross grain like fish-scale or climbing skins for back country skies.
  23. "First you say you do and then you don't and then you say you will and than you won't You're undecided now so what are you gonna do?" scoobidy rebop de bebop de bay!
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