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  1. That's great David. Our first joint venue will be a Harvest Home contra dance here in Springfield Center at the lovely St. Mary's parish house. No concertinas yet I'm afraid....soon though 😃 I have your Email and I'll fill you in as to our funding venture.
  2. If you google search the above you will find some youtube clips and the facebook page of the Binghamton NY morris men. They've been hosting events at the beautiful Major's Inn in Gilbertsville NY for many years. There are some great photos of past doings and I can spot a couple of concertinas and a pipe and tabor among the melodeons although musicians are not well represented in the photos. There is a fantastic poster from a few years back ...I don't know if it's been posted here, of a player in flight/rampant. This has been billed as an international event. I know there are some folks here from the Albany NY area and Canada etc.. Perhaps some of you are in these photos? Because this is centrally located and as I'm collaborating with a friend on a musician's funding initiative in Central NY I wonder if there is Interaction among the Albany and Binghamton groups ( or others ).
  3. ? After thinking about it I realized the Hayden has a much larger overlap zone than the Jeffries ( 5 notes for my 50 button ) and so it is "handier" for melody/accompaniment. I would point out however that bellows changes are not mandatory in the overlap if one reverses the push/pull from LH to RH or simply goes bisonoric with one key.
  4. I'll get in trouble for this but I can't help but notice all those F#s and G#s cozy'd up to each other in the Hayden patterns. I've combined them on one button where they occur on my Jeffries duet and gained a free button and a more consistent pattern in each case. The single bisonoric button occurring in the same place throughout is easy to get used to.
  5. Excellent and absolutely scandalous! Thanx....😃
  6. I'm learning the sarabande from the cello suit #4 in Eb major. I play by ear and I'm hearing and feeling dance rhythms. As I understand the sarabande was a dance form. Does anyone Know of a video re-enactment?
  7. I like that video but after filing the tip Bob says it lowers the pitch?
  8. I find that if your resting ( anchoring ) on the left knee, a looser strap and cutaway rest with bearing on the pinky side works great but a more tightly bound RH is fine.
  9. What interests me is the bellows. They look like some industrial bellows I've been curious about. I wonder if that could be a functional and time saving approach for a serious instrument/
  10. That's a tricky tune even on the fiddle! 😃
  11. That's a good thought. I'll be talking with Bob Snope shortly, and I'll broach the subject if no one beats me to it.
  12. Bonaparte's retreat? Nice fiddle tune with drones....😃
  13. I don't think automatizing a tune is enough. What to do if you get lost or hit a wrong note? I play several instruments but none will produce the level of consternation a concertina will elicit if you suddenly find yourself in the wrong row. Playing harmonies helps if only slight touches and improvising on the fly with small variations does as well. One needs to know the instrument on a deeper level to play with confidence when out and about.
  14. Gary, I agree that 50 buttons 61/4" is great for the JD. I've figured out a simple reversible mod that solves several issues of playability and gains a few extra low notes as a bonus depending on how far one wants to go with it. If you're interested I'll send you an email. If there is other interest I'll start a new thread.
  15. When I asked my childhood friend who had gone on to be a published poet and creative writing professor for advice, he said it's about communication with your intended audience, not a showcase for your talents. Drop the "I, me" for "we, us". And this from another poet whom I can't recall......."Only connect.". I believe this applies to all the Arts
  16. So who's not paying attention to who? These people are dancing their 9 to five dance....12,12,12,12..in their own dance hall! While the intruder takes no cue whatsoever from their efforts. I'd wager if Josh struck up Marching through Georgia and called "Grand right 'n left through the hall!" now and then it would happen....😊
  17. I've done some small venue performing including some busking, mostly pre-Woodstock, and experienced this sort of disgruntlement to the point of moving towards dance music. Expecting folks to break ranks and take those long lonely steps towards the collection box has always been a tough sell. All those seemingly obtuse passersby will instantly focus their attention on the transaction; Is it bills? How big? Loose change? Is there a thinly veiled sneer behind the busker's smile? People are complex. They'd sooner toss a buck to a clown or a jaunty hat or even a monkey holding a can. "I want to be taken seriously for my music!" and "If you're a serious musician, what you doing out in the street?" are not easily reconciled. Some few can do it though, even without props.
  18. If none of the above apply, play for/with dancers! They always listen....😊
  19. A regular item in the news cycle here (USA) is the miming street violinist. We're supposed to be outraged at such solicitation of funds under false pretense, but we give a pass to lip-syncing rock bands, solo performers with back up tracs and such. Canned music is everywhere, it is what it is. Put on a goofy hat and enjoy the show !
  20. I have limited experience with other instruments but I do have both a Jeffries duet and a Wheatstone JD. I play a wide range of music at I would say an intermediate/improving level. I'm playing some classical and I find the Wheatstone to be reedier and preferable to the Jeffries which has a much clearer sound. I think it would depend on the piece though. Think oboe as opposed to French horn. In addition the Wheatstone is chromatic down to the cello Bb which is advantageous, while the Jeffries skips down to low G. I know you're talking anglos but I hope this helps.
  21. I've just been contemplating such an instrument having recently acquired a beautiful silver(ish) tipped (both ends) rosewood (ebony?) whistle at a local shop. Its appointed like a fife but the whistle mouthpiece twists for tuning. Bb when reasonably snug. Since I play mostly on the left hand, and I have 2 octaves in Bb, I wonder....🤔
  22. Without delving too deeply into the physiology involved (careful, there's a can of worms lying about...😄) , it might be helpful to remember that the hands serve at the pleasure of the two halves of the brain generally, left brain/right hand, right brain /left hand and that these two brains are much more complex in their differences than our hands are.
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