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  1. Can anybody tell what the buttons (keys) are made of? Thanks,
  2. Thank you. That's interesting, so the 10572, might be the Lachenal serial #?
  3. Hi folks, I've just come into possession of a J. Wallis 20 button Anglo concertina and I'm hoping somebody can help me with a little more information about it. It definitely needs some work and I want to do it myself, as a learning experience (I've done some minor repair work on some other, newer concertinas), but I want to be sure this is just an old, but average, instrument, and not something of great historic value. I'd also appreciate any information about who made it for J. Wallis -- Lachenal, Jones or somebody else? I'm guessing it was made before 1887, since it still says J. Wallis on the label, rather than J. Wallis & Son? There is nothing stamped on the underside of either (I don't know the proper term) palm rest, so does that mean it's definitely not Lachenal? There is some rust on the reeds, so presumably they are steel? Grateful for any other info. I've taken off the left end and I'm uploading some pictures. Thanks for everything, Pete
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