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  1. Hi Martin,

     Just saw this post and thought it was worth mentioning that what we have on the Barleycorn website is a fraction of the concertinas we actually have in stock. I haven't counted recently but I'd say we have 30/40+ C/G anglos in stock currently, so whilst you may be at the mercy of what we have in stock, I'd still suggest it's a fairly nice place to be! Just get in touch if you fancy a trip down South to spend the day trying them out.



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  2. Hi Trish,

     If you wanted to give us a call at Barleycorn Concertinas then we'd be happy to talk you through the main things that would affect value (e.g the key the instrument is in, as Richard mentioned above). The instrument is from Wheatstone's later period which means it will never be as valuable as their top-range instruments as they made them out of cheaper materials throughout at this stage. It will however be worth a fair amount! If you want to get in touch our details are on https://concertina.co.uk/

  3. We're extremely suspicious of this Dipper. We've asked twice for pictures of the ends and for the serial number and had no response, and the fact there are no pictures of the ends to begin with makes no sense. We're aware of three Dippers stolen in Ireland over the last 6/7 years, and our thoughts are that the reason for no end pictures might be so that the instrument isn't identifiable. We've been hurt before by buying instruments that have turned out to be stolen- we lost the entire price we paid for them with no compensation. I'm sure that the person who listed the item does have the instrument, but there are a number of red flags.

  4. On 3/26/2021 at 8:45 PM, gcoover said:

    Congrats to the Barleycorn Duet Rescue Team!


    50-buttons is an ideal size for most applications, curious about the home key - hopefully "C".



    We're currently waiting on the new bellows to find that out, but we'll be sure to let you know! Thanks again for the article Gary, we'll be posting it on our website in the next week 🙂

  5. On 3/26/2021 at 5:40 PM, Alex West said:

    I thought that might be the case Ciaran but the element of doubt put me off bidding as high as you were obviously prepared to risk!


    With the cost of a new set of bellows, you must be getting close to the top end price for a Jeffries Duet though, add in the tuning of 102 reeds...


    Brave man!


    Alex West

    Sorry I've only just seen this!

     Yes it's definitely not got a huge margin in it but we prefer to have as much available as possible and we haven't had a Jeffries Duet in a long time- although like London busses, two have turned up at once! 

     You're right on the tuning though, I'm not sure I've ever seen my Dad so unwilling to start a tuning job!



  6. If it's of interest to anyone, this Duet arrived with us yesterday. The bellows are completely shot but I'm not entirely sure how the reeds were ever described as severely rusted- they're in pretty great condition. The instrument doesn't play due to the bellows, not the reeds- I'm guessing that's where that mix-up happened? 

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  7. 8 hours ago, Geoff Wooff said:

    Hello  Ciaran,


    as  Ken  mentions  the  thread  about  the  new  rules  regarding  duties and  VAT,   perhaps  you  could  give  us  your  thoughts  especially  with  regard  to    cross border  sales    UK to  EU.       It  has  been  suggested  by  someone  who  has  read  the  new  regulations  for  imports  into  Ireland  that  duties and VAT  could  amount  to  33%  of the  value  of  the goods!!  We can  assume  a similar  burden  being imposed  by other European  countries  and  going back  into  the UK.


    Hi Geoff,

     We're still very much figuring it all out at the moment too, and my Dad is much more aware of it that I am. As far as I know, our sales to EU countries mean that we don't pay VAT on them, but the buyer has to pay their country's duty and VAT. These rates seem to vary across EU countries, and there is always a difference in rate for antique (100 years old or more) instruments. We're still figuring out the best way of selling to the EU- most likely a reduction in the price of an instrument to an EU buyer to go towards covering their import costs and due to the fact that we wouldn't be paying VAT on it. 


    As always, the big disclaimer that I could have got some of that wrong- it's all massively confusing to me and there still don't seem to be any clear guidelines! 

  8. Hi everyone,

     Barleycorn Concertinas have been selling a lot of instruments recently (and I've seen some happy customers on here, so thank you as always for choosing us!), but that's left us with a fair number of empty spaces on the shelves. As a result, we're looking to buy as many instruments as possible at the moment. We have a handy little form on our website - https://concertina.co.uk/sell-your-concertina/

    or alternatively, send some pictures and a brief description to barleycorn@concertina.co.uk


    Obviously there may be some things we already have a number of so this is by no means a guarantee that we'll buy everything and anything, but if you've got a spare instrument lying around gathering dust then we'd love to make a deal with you and get it to somebody looking for their next dream instrument! We always pay as fair a price as possible and will be completely transparent about what we'd be selling the instrument for ourselves.


     We'll of course make a donation towards CNet for any things that we buy through this- make sure you tell us you saw this post on here if you get in touch so we know which instruments need a donation!


    Hope this is okay to post here!



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  9. It really is an interesting thing! We've never had anything quite like it, but it really is a brilliant little (well, fairly big) player. It's brass reeded but we were convinced they were steel before looking inside- and that's not something we get wrong very often! The ends are a mystery- I think you might not be far wrong with the drill press comment. It has a new home now and it's going to be fully restored so hopefully we'll get to see/hear it in action in the future.

  10. On 1/10/2021 at 3:46 PM, alex_holden said:


    Usually true, but there are exceptions. Perhaps @Ciaran Algar would care to comment?

    Sorry, I've only just seen this! We're currently trying to figure out the whole customs/VAT situation as we've had a couple of instruments go to Ireland and the Netherlands and have huge Duty added on to them. We're trying to get in touch with UPS (who we use as our courier) to find out specifically what the rules and regulations are but no luck so far- I've spent days researching the rules but they're hidden well away!

     All of our prices include VAT. We are VAT registered so before Brexit there would have been no difference between our prices overall to UK or EU customers. Obviously we may have to rethink how things are done if VAT is being added in EU countries as it wasn't before, but we're still very much in the learning stage of this whole agreement and we're figuring out as we go!


    (I may have got some terminology wrong here because it's a world I'm very new to- apologies if so!)

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  11. Hi Michael

     When you say that the reeds are broken- is the metal snapped off/bent or are they just not making a sound? If it's the latter then that's a fix you could most likely do yourself (with some instruction!).

     If it's just a few pads and reeds you need replacing then I'd be happy to get that sorted for you. I imagine, from the sound of your post, that the concertina could benefit from a full re-padding/valving etc, but if you'd prefer to just fix the small things you've mentioned then it'd be a pretty inexpensive job. At Barleycorn we often have people come to us wanting to trade in an instrument like yours and, like you say, the cost of repairs done to it have surpassed the value of the instrument. 


    Just drop me a message if you have any questions!

  12. 10 minutes ago, GPKarl said:

    Looks great! As a new guy loving 20 button Anglos, that Jones 20 button and the old lachenal green bellows box sure tempt me. I work at a historic site and that old lachenal is a beauty. Nice looking site.

    Thank you very much! Yes, we're not usually massive fans of Jones instruments but this one really is a lovely thing! The Lachenal is also a very interesting thing- it's very rare for us to come across such an early instrument that's in great condition and still plays well!

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  13. Hi everybody, hope you're all keeping well. 

      Just in case anybody is interested, we have given the Barleycorn Concertinas website a fresh (well overdue) update. I know a lot of posters here check our stock selection frequently for any rarities/oddities, so one of the new features is a mailing list which you can sign up to on the homepage!

     There are a lot of new features on the website, so check it out for yourself if you've got a spare 5 minutes!




    Hope you all have as Merry a Christmas as possible- hopefully 2021 will be much better!

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  14. On 11/1/2020 at 2:43 PM, John Wild said:

    Welcome Ciaran. Now I know how to spell your name.🙂

    As a recent customer I had some update on what you were doing.

    Best wishes for the future.


    John Wild.

     Thanks John- it's a bit of a difficult one in these parts, I'm more used to it being spelt wrong anyway! Thank you for the kind message 🙂

    On 11/1/2020 at 3:40 PM, Jim Besser said:

    I bought my Jeffries GD from Barleycorn.  It was a sight-unseen purchase, and the instrument is everything I hoped for. So from my vantage point Barleycorn is an invaluable resource for the concertina community.


    I'm really glad to hear you got the concertina you were looking for- I hope you're enjoying it regularly! 

    On 11/1/2020 at 3:55 PM, Mike Acott said:

    The best of wishes for the future , if you need any help from me you  know the number.


    Thanks so much Mike, you're a lovely man! I still need to come and visit the workshop when times are bit more ordinary! Thank you mate.

    On 11/1/2020 at 5:50 PM, Ken_Coles said:



    Welcome! General messages about your business from time to time are fine - we've had them over recent years from other makers/dealers (I think of Edgley, the late Rich Morse, Bob Tedrow, Wim Wakker, various repairers in North America, the UK, and Europe). And several makers and repairers often talk shop here. And of course if you ever _do_ want to advertise, talk to the master, Paul Schwartz - his rates are very reasonable, and it helps pay for the server space.  :)



    Hi Ken, that's good to know- thank you! If I ever did post about the business it'd be about something significant as opposed to listing every individual instrument that comes in (unless it's a complete rarity!). Thanks very much 🙂

    23 hours ago, RAc said:

    Hi Ciaran,


    it's wonderful to know that Barleycorn goes into the second generation. I bought two concertinas from Chris, and each time the experience was impeccable, very enjoyable and at the heart of what folk is all about. I also met with him in 2014 on my way back to Sidmouth, and we had a nice afternoon talking about concertinas. He also pointed me to your impressive musical work (a *very* proud dad!).


    All the best for Barleycorn! Ruediger


    It feels great to be a part of the business (at last!). Rather than sitting around listening to Dad tune all day, I get to join in and annoy my mum even more! I'm really glad you've had good experiences with us- here's to many more 😉 Thanks Ruediger!

    54 minutes ago, Steve Mansfield said:

    Welcome to the forum Ciaran.


    I got my 50(!) key Wheatstone EC  from your Dad a couple of years ago and really enjoyed my morning playing loads of boxes before deciding on the perfect one. Great to see Barleycorn continuing and, when we’re all allowed out again, hope to see you at a festival sometime.


    Don't worry about putting the occasional general message about the business up, it’s a good way to keep the community informed.

    A morning playing them can easily turn into a full day- I've seen it happen! Glad you found the right instrument for you- we're itching to get to festivals again so lets hope next year can be a bit more normal!


    All the best!

  15. Hello everyone,

     I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this so I apologise if it isn't!

    I'm Ciaran and most of you will know my dad, Chris. I'm currently going through a full concertina education and have found browsing this forum incredibly useful as a resource- what an amazing thing this website is, with so many incredibly knowledgeable people to learn from!

     I won't be using these forums to advertise Barleycorn at all, but if anybody ever needs to get in touch then my messages are always open.


    I look forward to carry on engaging with the forum, and to keep learning!



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