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  1. I’ve not opened it up yet to check, so don’t know. Peter
  2. The 67 button is 9 1/4 inches across the flats - so quite a bit bigger. Still feels like a concertina even thought its big - & its not too heavy either. Peter
  3. Thanks for your comments. I agree with the bias towards flats and would have expected the F#2 to be there. Regarding the change to the 67 button, I love the lower notes - great sound. My 35 button has the Lachnal layout, so it’s taking a bit of adjusting to the more angular Crabb layout but I’m getting there. Really pleased with this 67 button.
  4. The range of the 67 button concertina is E-2 to G2. See attached Excel file. For pictures, see the end of the post entitled '48 button Wheatstone Crane for sale'. Regards Peter 67 Button Crane layout (No. 18238).xlsx
  5. Will do in the next week. Currently on holiday!!
  6. Much to my surprise, a good 67 button Crabb Crane concertina with ebonised ends turned up out of the blue. So I am now the proud owner of this concertina. Many thanks to all those who have put up posts and made suggestions. Peter
  7. Many thanks for your suggestions. I was beginning to think on these lines to see what could be done. As you suggest, a smaller e.g. 48 button instrument would be more manageable than my original thought of a ‘large’ Crane duet. I’ll look at this further. Many thanks Peter
  8. Many thanks for your thoughts. I like playing hymns on my Crane concertina - hence my desire to have some lower buttons on the left hand side. The Salvation Army seemed to manage without those lower keys but I like the full depth of the base line! I completely agree with your suggestions about improvements to the Crane concertina but don’t know if anyone has done this. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been unable to locate on the internet the variants to the 55 button that you suggest. Could you give me some direction? regards Peter
  10. Many thanks for the suggestion. I was talking with the Box Place last week about this concertina. As RAc says the bottom end is only down to the C below middle C. I’m beginning to think that maybe I should start with this 55 button! Thanks for your help Peter
  11. I am looking for a larger Crane duet concertina, probably 68 button. I have a 35 button but find its range rather limiting and am looking for a Crane/Triumph duet which goes down to the G one & a half octaves below middle C. If anyone has a larger Crane they are looking to sell, please contact me. I have seen the occasional large Maccann for sale but no large Crane concertinas. I’m new to concertina.net so am learning how it works. If you have difficulty contacting me on concertina.net, please e-mail me at psmith3087@aol.com. Thanks Peter
  12. Just sent a PM earlier today to you, Mike, re the above. regards Peter
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