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  1. Jody's method of sorting out the problematic buttons works well. I have used it in the past. If you are concerned about removing the pins (& understandably so), there may be someone on concertina.net or a repairer who lives near you who could help. Peter
  2. Maybe there’s some wear in the supports under the buttons, so they are a bit ‘floppy’. I think there are some threads in Concertina.net about this problem but I’m not very good at finding past discussions. Whereabouts are you based? Peter
  3. This reminded me of a link a while back, where 'Super Nicko' burnishing cream was recommended for cleaning up old french polished surfaces. It works a treat - like a very fine abrasive - removing dirt and leaving a highly polished surface. I use this to clean up old wooden concertina cases, which still leaves the deeper old marks but improves them dramatically. See the link below for more information. Peter
  4. Andrew Norman makes a 20-button double-reeded anglo. See www.acnorman.co.uk. Peter
  5. On Facebook in 'Concertinas for Sale' there was a 55-button Crane for sale in Australia (Warren Fahey) for Australian $1750 (£1000) I think. See https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/1109806376315968/?ref=share_attachment I don't know if it is still available. Peter
  6. Your Scholer concertina looks interesting. What range does it cover? It looks like it has a range similar to the Jones ‘Piano’ concertina. Peter
  7. Thanks. A really interesting history and background to this Anglo. Peter
  8. Looks the same as the one on the Facebook group ‘concertinas for sale’, which says it’s in Cork, Ireland for 2,900 Euros - Unless it’s a scam of course!!
  9. I asked about the Connor & Jeffries before the auction & got some additional pictures. They did not know what key the concertinas were in & I didn't try to explain how to find out! They looked like a well cared-for set of concertinas, all boxed and in good condition. I was after the Connor & should have pushed the bidding a bit further- but there we go. No idea who purchased them but would expect most to appear for sale again! In my view, the prices seemed fair though the Jeffries was possibly a bit high, given the state of the ends. Peter
  10. I think lot 220 is a 26 button with rosewood ends. I wonder who this collection of concertinas and melodeons belong to. Peter
  11. Many thanks for your comments, Dave. I'm sorry for the poor pictures & someone else has now taken on this concertina, so I cann't get any more pictures. I used the concertina museum collection (http://www.concertinamuseum.com/) to try to compare the fretwork to identify the concertina make, as in my post of 11th August. I have owned a few Jones concertinas and the reeds on this concertina did not look like those on a Jones. Maybe its not a Wheatstone either but I do not have the skill or time to re-make concertina ends, so passed it on to someone else to look at. Thanks Peter
  12. Looks like an early Wheatstone. Same fret pattern as http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00047b.htm and serial number dates to 1852. Peter
  13. I have a 48 button English concertina in a poor state. I have been trying to find out who made it but without success. I have attached a couple of pictures below, showing the right end, action board and reed bed. A couple of things I have noted: It has the serial number 2366 stamped on the action board, reed bed & bellows and the has rivited levers. The brass reeds appear to have quite large screws holding the reeds. The buttons are quite well worn and look like ivory Any help you could give me to identify the maker of this concertina would be appreciated. Peter
  14. My Jones Perfect 42-button Anglo concertina has now been sold. Peter
  15. Many thanks for your interest, Richard. I have owned the 42 button Jones for over three years but have not got to grips with the layout, which is why I am thinking of selling. I have attached a button layout & Anglo Piano has kindly added the 42 button Jones, in case they are of use. (https://anglopiano.com/#layout) I have sent a PM to mbarrhamilton. Peter Jones Perfect 42 button keyboard layout.docx Jones Perfect 42 button keyboard layout - all notes played.docx
  16. I owned a Jones Piano Concertina until recently. When I bought it, it was in superb original condition & very clean inside - similar I guess to your Crane Duet, Gary. I put new handstraps on it and a few minor things to get it playing. I felt it should be preserved as it was, as it was an unusual & rare concertina. So I would say the same for yours, as its an early example of the Crane system & keep the old handstraps as Ken suggests. (My Jones Piano Concertina eventually went to the US & is now up for sale again on Ebay). Peter
  17. I visited Mark Lloyd-Adey three weeks ago to drop off a concertina for tuning, as I was passing through Cemmaes. He looks very busy with concertina restorations and repairs, which may explain the delay in sending out orders for parts. He is very much still in business. Peter
  18. A similar restored Crane (No 212)was sold on Ebay in the UK last week: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/48k-button-Crane-amp-Sons-by-Lachenal-Crane-pattern-Duet-Concertina-/115379887927?nma=true&si=o75Jyx3Vl76fMFRlwlzvrBfQAKc%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Peter
  19. Interesting book. I would be interested in a copy, if you are you thinking of making it more widely available (though I also have a copy of your good Jeffries Duet tutor!!). Peter
  20. Is this the Tutor you are looking for - or something else? I found this on line - but am not sure quite where!! Peter Jeffries-Duet-Tutor.pdf
  21. See http://www.concertina.com/chidley-duet/index.htm I had an 80-button Chidley until recently. Regular layout of notes as you move up the octaves. I thought it was much easier than the MacCann but the idea never really caught on. Wheatstone only ever made around 60 Chidleys, so you have a rare concertina! There is a picture below of the Chidley I used to own.
  22. I used to own a German piano-type concertina (see pictures below). Unfortunately the ends were badly warped and beyond my skill to restore, so this went back to someone in Germany to refurbish. I am still interested in piano-style concertina duets and would love to get a Rust (or Linton) concertina to see how that plays (see http://www.concertina.com/fingering/images/rust-W1597H390.gif).
  23. The Piano duet was on UK Ebay a few years ago but I have not seen one since. Peter
  24. I came across this on Ebay and wondered if it was of interest, as its in Germany. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chromatic-Concertina-D-R-G-M-/313875846580?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=707-127634-2357-0 I have tried to contact the seller for more information but haven't had a response. Peter
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