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  1. Gary, you're an absolute treasure. I can't wait to dig into this tonight.
  2. Gary, just wanted to say that I picked up the book and am greatly enjoying it. It feels like a worthwhile difficulty step up from Easy Anglo, and the first half of Anglo in the Harmonic Style. And as a sailboat liveaboard, what could be better?
  3. In an e-mail exchange with William Wakker, he told me as follows (similar to another poster above):
  4. Reviving an ancient thread as I am noticing this same sound on my brand-new Minstrel. It only happens on the lower notes, and only noticeably when I am trying to quickly alternate push/pull... the liminal space of one note ending and the other starting sounds a lot like "old radio static", kinda flappy. Per some of the comments above this is a valve issue? I would like to think that's unlikely as it's a brand new instrument, but perhaps something requires adjusting given the climate changes between construction and arrival at my place?
  5. Can't speak to the Stagi. But initial impressions with the Minstrel, after trading in my Rochelle, is that y'all are 100% right that you should start with the best instrument you can afford. The Minstrel feels like a huge step up from my (refurb) Rochelle. It feels like the dynamic range is at least 50% greater than I could manage on the Rochelle, which pretty much played at "loud" vs "less loud". This is something I'm going to have to retrain myself on, as some songs have me jumping volumes between chords quite a bit. The action is much, much better as well. Notes start when I press the button and stop when I let go of them...with much more immediacy than my Rochelle could manage. The Minstrel's G row on the right hand is responsive and easy, where my Rochelle felt like trying to squeeze air through a coffee stirrer. The buttons are taller but narrower than the Rochelle, which I'm ambivalent on for now. Delrin, not metal. It also seems like it weighs half as much and has a much smaller footprint overall. The breather button is smooth and not nearly as gaspy as that of my Rochelle. Only negative is that some of the notes are having weird sound quirks, like the old timey radio tube noise when alternating quickly, and the right hand C is tinny. William Wakker says this is likely due to humidity and temperature shifts from creation to shipping to arrival, and to give it a week. Here's hoping.
  6. I have a Wakker bellow Minstrel arriving today. In correspondence with the company, they let me know I will have one of the first "Version 2.0" Minstrels, changes as follows: I'll post pics and such later if anyone wants.
  7. My copy just arrived today. It's a great book so far. The pirate font cracks me up and I didn't expect the lyrics to the shanties as well! Thanks for all your hard work. I tell people the story about you tabbing Gross Mayles all the time. It really made my week/month/year.
  8. My humble debut on concertina.net. I received this Rochelle in April and have been steadily plunking away at getting better, but there's a loooot of work to do. I'm open to any tips and pointers! I plan to take lessons but can't quite make the budget for it yet. Here's a rendition of Grogg Mayles, arranged/tabbed by our own Gary Coover Link here
  9. Pirate songs for the concertina!!!!!! Holy cow Gary, you're making a dude's dream come true. Finally practiced your rendition of Grogg Mayles to the point where I felt OK recording it - see here! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk-z6ZKjSh3/?taken-by=geoffreybeene
  10. @wes listening to this now and it's great. as far as where I'm at, i'm still brand new - mostly working my way left-to-right in Gary's books and considering lessons. what sort of different direction do you mean?
  11. Amazing! And looking at "buttons played" I'm skipping well ahead in the "larger" Anglo in the Harmonic Style....... Thanks again!
  12. Hi all, As a fan of Sea of Thieves, one of my near-term anglo practice goals is to learn how to play the in-game concertina songs in real life. Fortunately, someone has kindly gone and transcribed the sheet music for three of the songs (the fourth is Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries) Grogg Mayles: https://musescore.com/user/1133871/scores/4922312 Bosun Bill: https://musescore.com/user/1133871/scores/4947688 Becalmed: https://musescore.com/user/1133871/scores/4922324 I'm having a tough time getting Grogg Mayles to fit on the 30-key anglo as written. I see where creativity and mild chord "suggestions" are necessary in some places - but if any of the more experienced folks here find a nice way to make some of the chords fit, I'd love to hear it.
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