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  1. Thanks for listening! I should edit the post, I removed the third as I realized I goofed the audio recording and it sounded really blown out. I need to re-do it and re-upload.
  2. I would be very wary of that site. The file sizes seem ridiculous for a CD, even with FLAC rip, and it is full of misleading things, like a fake comment feed, fake reviews, and so on.
  3. Three tunes, two of them from Adrian Brown's excellent book and one of them from Gary Coover's newest John Watcham book. I'm definitely still learning rhythm consistency and keeping the left hand sounding clean compared to the right hand, but these were a lot of fun to learn.
  4. Well, I have a feeling a number of folks might buy second copies just so they can have something to play on their non-disc devices! www.bandcamp.com is popular with indie artists, and pays out about 80-85% to the artist, per their own literature. I'm sure there are relatively painless ways to get it on venues such as the Apple store, etc -- it's been 15 years since the CD came out and I'm sure there are plenty of newer players (like myself) that would love a go at listening to these great collections. I can go beat the drum if Graham needs to see that people would actually be interested in this. I guess the question begs the answer of this forum, as well - would anyone here want to get a digital mp3/etc version of the International CDs?
  5. Sure, I'm not proposing just putting it on the internet for everyone to have, or offering to do so myself. Just curious if the makers / rights owners have considered it, considering we're well past the CD-ROM's prime.
  6. The harmonic style book is great! I've been playing maybe 2 years or so off and on, with a loose interest in it for 6 or so, but quarantine has really ramped up my practice time! Thanks for the nice words
  7. I just took delivery of my Anglo International 3-disc set from the UK and am excited about listening to it.... once I procure an external CD-drive and get it onto my computer Has there ever been any discussion of digitizing the various other "International" CDs? I know there's at least English International out there, right? It'd make the material much more accessible, and possibly there is a way to do it while still allowing the powers that be to get some money for it.
  8. Hi there, this is Geoff from FB and I think you're looking for this, the numbering that Gary Coover / Rollston Press uses in their Anglo books. I hope he doesn't mind me putting this up here.
  9. I'm too new to have one of these yet, but I'd love to see yours, Alan.
  10. This sounds like something I'd love to hear, please share when done!
  11. The accordion reeds do have a coarser sound - I equated them on the other forum as the accordion reeds sounding a bit more like a brass band, while the concertina reeds sound more like woodwinds. Thanks for recording and sharing this easy comparison.
  12. Could you elaborate on the differences?
  13. Thanks for sharing the recording, Jim. I am always interested to hear stuff besides ITM and Morris tunes on the Anglo, though I do enjoy those genres as well What's your recording setup? It sounds very high-fidelity, lots of details.
  14. I'm curious how people are whiling away the quarantine hours on their concertinas. Anyone working on anything fun? New stuff, same old stuff but better, anything you're using this time to focus on improving or just enjoying playing around on the ol squeeze box?
  15. Mistakenly attributed as "techno-cordion"
  16. I'm on the waitlist to someday convert my Concertina Connection Clover to a Wakker A5 via their upgrade program. Like the OP, I'm keen to hear what modern users think - Wim doesn't seem to get as much air time as other famed makers, in my research. Perhaps it's because they're now a US-based shop and a lot of Anglo players at the $6-9k range of instrument are in the UK, and would go for a Dipper/Suttner/vintage Jeffries/Wheatstone etc first and foremost?
  17. Got the new instrument, playing around with recording on a Zoom recorder and combining videos. Haven't quite practiced out "concertina face" yet.
  18. I enjoyed this a lot, thanks for sharing.
  19. This is a great story, but it can't end there! Are you the current owner of the instrument? Where'd it end up!?
  20. This is an old thread but I think it is both an important and interesting one. And I'm sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver my new Clover and since I cannot play concertina right now, I am trying to devour as much as I can about it. I got into concertina a while ago, conflating the "little octagonal monkey grinder accordion" with "french cafe music" and somehow ending up on a road I've enjoyed and don't want to get off, yet. I'm also choosing to specifically invest in trying to use the anglo as an "inefficient tool" or the "poor man's duet" but there's a charm to it that can't be replaced with unisonoric instruments, and admittedly the attitude of "the anglo isn't a good tool for that" makes me want to say, neener neener, we'll see about that. In 2020 I'd like to point to both Adrian Brown doing things like four-part polyphony: And Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne making this "poor man's duet" certainly sound like a rich man's duet: And as most of us have seen, his final university performance is something of a watershed moment for the Anglo's capabilities in this era of players: https://livestream.com/uol/final-recitals-17/videos/157705262 Luke Hillman plays a nice klezmer on his Anglo: Anglo International was 10 years ago, and while my CD copy is coming from the UK, my hunt for anything else like it is more or less running dry. I don't even have a CD player anymore to put the compilation into when it finally arrives! John Kirkpatrick's famous Gigue is impossible to find online, being an LP from the 70s. Obviously we are still not catching up on digitizing and archiving all that we should, which seems to me a big issue.
  21. As someone who is enjoying pushing the Anglo past the limits of what it's designed for, I'd encourage you to get creative with the Anglo and see if you can't make it do what you want it to. For example:
  22. I’ve thought about using these but my concern is you can’t really control the level of dehumidification. I’d be concerned about drying my instrument out too much. Is that a valid concern?
  23. That was really nice. Looked like the players were having a good time as well.
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