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  1. Hi there, I have a Clover anglo and the primary "C" button on the right hand (pointer finger) valve pad seems loose, or the button is wobbling, or something shifted. It keeps resulting in the valve pad resting slightly on top of the valve pad below it, which lets air through and the note keeps sounding even when the button isn't pressed.




    Any thoughts on what could be loose, worn, or going surprisingly wobbly here? I do play a fair amount, and this would be one of the most used buttons.



  2. I've been taking lessons with him almost a year now and have found him to be an extremely attentive and encouraging teacher. He pushes me regularly with longer, more challenging tunes, while we work on more basic concepts like music theory and left hand accompaniments, or learning by ear, on a weekly basis. Having this accountability has really pushed me to practice and grow as a player during the pandemic and I'll definitely keep taking them!

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  3. I went from a Minstrel (with the nice bellows upgrade) to a Clover. I think it has marginal improvements in sound quality and playability, but a large portion of the money comes in a nicer fit and finish, which I appreciate. The buttons feel better and it overall just seems like a higher quality instrument.


    I think if you got a Minstrel without the nice bellows, it wouldn't be as big of an upgrade as a Clover or similar quality "nice" hybrid. Anything is a huge upgrade from the Rochelle 1, but I'm not familiar with the 2.


    but hey - you're the first person I've seen with a Rochelle 2! I think we'd all love to see some pictures, hear what you think of it, maybe even a video :) It's a very interesting development in starter concertinas.


  4. 3 hours ago, Don Taylor said:



    Did your Minstrel have the standard bellows, or the optional extra Wakker bellows? 


    In either case, what did you think of the bellows on the Minstrel compared to your Clover?


    I sprung for the Wakker bellows on the Minstrel, which I believe are the same type of bellows that come as default on the Clover,  they feel just about the same. There was a big difference in general smoothness of action and buttons, likely because the Clover has metal capped delrin buttons and feel a little wider than the pretty narrow Minstrel buttons I had.


    Compared to the Rochelle, the bellows feel very supple and comfortable to play. Both concertinas felt great to play out of the package.


    Comparing the Minstrel and Clover is Wim himself when I was e-mailing about this:


    For many players that don’t want to spend the money on a traditional concertina, the Clover is the ‘final concertina’. It has the same MS58 brass action as Wakker models do, the same metal capped (‘real’) buttons, and low resistant bellows. The bellows are a big deal. We’re currently  the only makers that make free bellows (not on a rig) with 90% free travel.  see http://www.concertinaconnection.com/about%20bellows.htm  for more info on bellows.


    The clover features a slightly more precise design and tonal woods (quartered european maple reed pans, Engelmann spruce soundboards) which produce a richer sound.
    So the difference is: more refined sound, better performance characteristics because of flow pattern and resistance free bellows, action and buttons identical to high end Wakker concertinas.  
    For some people that justifies the higher price, others are just as happy with their Minstrel.


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