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  1. Frank Edgley does respond at edgleyconcertinas@gmail.com he sent me a price list a few days ago. His web site has two email addresses listed and price list has yet another, this may be an oversight on his part. I know he is away for a few days. But he does respond. His heritage model starts around 4,399.00 USD plus options. You're best to contact him directly. He has many options.
  2. I am looking for a 30 button Anglo concertina. I have just started playing and am making some headway. The wife is getting interested and I'd like to get her a nice beginner instrument. Money is tight so I can't afford most of the lovely instruments on here. If you have a good beginner instrument you want to get to a new home, please contact me. I'm in Canada, it would be nice to keep shipping manageable.
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