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  1. I will be adding this to the two books by you that I have!!! Thank you so much!!
  2. A used Hohner 20 button ANGLO C/G. from German democratic republic. Not sure how old and in my excitement during the purchase forgot to ask. It is in decent shape and the shop had gone through it to ensure everything was in order. It didn't break the bank and they gave me a six month warranty. I felt confident knowing that they could service any issue that may arise. I replaced the straps as they were very tight. They had a lot of new Stagi concertinas as well as some others in stock. There shop salesman was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was cool to see the accordions being serviced in
  3. Well your speculation is my story!! Sea of Thieves sparked my interest in the concertina. Picked up a cheap Amazon one. As expected, that lasted about a day. I went to Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia and purchased an affordable to me used instrument. I replaced the straps as the original ones were not adjustable and were entirely too small for my hands. I ordered " Easy Anglo 1-2-3: A Beginner's Guide to the Anglo Concertina" and until it arrives have been using Concertina Academy's YouTube lessons.
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