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  1. Hi Paul, Just sent you a p.m, 11:45am our time. Andy.
  2. My copy is ordered and paid for - - - this is a "must have" for Anglo players - - - and I havn't even heard it yet! If Rod says it's o.k. that will do for me - - - Looking forward to listening to the Aussie players, maybe we could re-start the House Dances, the current session/club scene in my area ( N.E.Lancashire ) is not what it was, a few house dances may be the way forward in these recessionary times? Not "kicking up the sawdust" - - - "kicking up the carpet" ! Andy. clock maker and repairer
  3. Great card Perry, loved it ! I'd just like to add my Best Wishes to all, for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Musical New Year. Best Wishes, Andy. http:www.clockmakersandrepairs.co.uk
  4. I have been making and repairing clocks for over 40 years.My main interest is grandfather clocks,I also specialise in the repair of musical clocks,chiming clocks,early lantern clocks,cuckoo clocks,in fact nearly any type of antique clock.

    I have a fully equiped workshop set in the lovely countryside around North East Lancashire.

    My website is: - http://www.clockmakersandre...

  5. Hi All, I have reluctantly decided to offer my 48 button Crabb Anglo for sale, because I can't use it to sing with anymore, my voice is not comfortable in C/G now. It is in C/G, and was fully restored by Colin Dipper in 2008, with new 6 fold bellows, a tune-up, and the metalwork re-polished. I have the receipt for this work. Geoff Crabb thought it was made around 1890 to 1900. Very unusual, with fretted and engraved metal sides and ends, probably made for a professional entertainer in the Music Halls, the light would have reflected well off the polished metalwork - - Also fitted with a cuckoo call and a bird whistle, there were also a couple of other sound effects, which look to have been expertly blanked off many years ago. Even Colin, with all his years experience, could not identify what they may have been. The left side on the bottom row goes down to an amazing low C on the piano - - - It weighs in at 3lb 13oz, and the sides are 6" across the flats. My modern Crabb anglo is 3lb 3oz, and the same 6" across flats for comparison. When I got it back from Colin I posted it here Price £5000, it will make a great addition to a collection, and it plays very well too ! A very unusual and rare instrument, lovely to play, I would like it to go to someone who will appreciate and enjoy it, It is just sat in it's box here now. You can post questions here, or p.m. me, or email: - Andrew@AndrewClayton.net
  6. "Hey Greg, in your January Sale, will you be doing any Buy One, Get One Free special offers?" A yorkshiremans idea of a special offer - - - - BUY ONE,GET ONE - - - - Got that from a Yorkshireman the other day, As a Lancastrian I HAD to share it with you ! Have a great Christmas everyone, and here's to a Happy New Year for All. Andy. My link
  7. Hi all, Looks like my initial feeling was right after all. - - - -based on my conversation with him I did not even go to view it, and I'm only two miles from him. So getting back to where are the prices going ? it looks like the recession is starting to kick in, maybe the party is over after all, for all but the lucky few - - - -? And of course, maybe not - - -the seller may have just suffered the repercussions of pulling it off, then putting it on again. Very unsettling for bidders, given that they don't know him or the instrument. Andy.
  8. "I just thought to let any bidders know they are probably wasting their time" looks like my gut feeling was right, the seller pulled it when he realised it was not going to go £6000 PLUS ----he was quite emphatic about the plus,I got the impression talking to him that £6k was a ball-park starting figure ! So we will see what happens this time around - - - - I wonder if some of the previous bidders are scared off by the pull off and re-start ? Andy.
  9. Thats the one -- - - - I see Mark is selling a beautiful Wheatstone anglo for £2500, oh, if it were only in F/C - - -I already have a lovely old Crabb in C/G, otherwise I would have been knocking on his door by now, cash in hand. I still think that makes the idea of £6000 for a Jeffries look a tad expensive ! Thanks for the comment re old boxes in attics Dick, I always thought they did not get any better with age - unlike us lot - -so I will keep that in mind for possible future purchases.
  10. See if this link works: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120683482406&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Greg
  11. Hi Alex, Thanks for that, I thought it was well overpriced, but perhaps not from what you have said. I don't think the instrument will be in top condition however, both from his comments to me on the phone,and the fact that he has had it lying around in his house for a long time and does not play himself. Anyway, it will be interesting to see where the price goes in the auction. Regarding pulling the instrument off ebay, it happens all the time, as long as you pull it with over 12 hours left before the aution ends, and come up with a flimsy excuse such as " item no longer available" there is no problem from ebay, and no commision to pay. Lots of people do this just to find out what something is worth,often with no real intention of selling it. So there we are,it looks like I am well out of touch with current prices of Jeffries,I still don't get it though,I would rather have two nice Wheatstones in different keys than one £6000 plus one. though I appreciate others will take a different view - - - - - Regards,Andrew.
  12. Hi All, Dick posted a link to a Jeffries on ebay at the moment. The seller lives about two miles from me, so I rang him thinking to pop round and view it. " Hello, I'm ringing about your concertina - - " "yes, well, I've done my reasearch, my Grandad left it to me, and it's worth a lot of money " " how much have you in mind? " " at least £6000 plus, and if it doesn't make that I will pull it off ebay and keep it " I just thought to let any bidders know they are probably wasting their time,he also mentioned there is wear on the instrument and a screw missing from the end - - - -and of course he does not play himself. I just got to wondering who has the screw missing after all, does anyone else have a thought or two on the pricing situation ? Andrew.
  13. Thanks for the nice comments, the instrument is certainly a good example of Crabbs' workmanship in the first place, and Colin & Rosies' afterwards ! Funnily enough Peter, despite all the metalwork it does not feel much different to a more " normal " box for weight, although I always play sitting down with one end resting on my knee for support, playing standing up is hard work - - - - - I don't think I would be up for a full day out with the Morris anymore !! ( ah the beer, the music, the beer, the groupies, the beer, - - - - - - -) I left a message with Geoff before posting, as a matter of courtesy and so he could add the Anglo to his records, so he does know about it now. Regards, Andrew.
  14. Hi All, I just got my Crabb Anglo back from Colin & Rosie ( Dipper ) after a long wait, I won't say how long, but most of it was my fault ! I thought I would share the details of this interesting concertina with you, as it is a bit unusual - - - - - - The instrument is a 48 button Anglo, including the drone and air button, metal buttons, engraved metal ends and also engraved metal sides where the bellows fasten to, instead of the usual wooden ones. It is a four row instrument, with the left hand fourth row going down to an amazing low C, and the right hand fourth row having a bird whistle button and a cuckoo button, as well as another couple of buttons which Colin has blanked off for now, he says even with all his experience he does not know what would have been in the odd-shaped holes inside - - - - -maybe someone out there has an idea what they could have been? - - - - a large 1/2" dia hole, and a 1.5" X 1/2" apature, looks to have been expertly filled in with wood many years ago. The cartouche is H.Crabb 158 Liverpool Rd, and the serial number ( internal ) is 8206, again stamped H.Crabb, so perhaps around 1910-1920 ? I bought this Crabb back in 1985 from a junk shop, and even though the bellows were shot the guy would not take a penny less than £25 for it - - - - - - - Rosie has made a new set of six-fold bellows for it, and Colin has worked his usual magic on the rest, it is now in C/G, in concert pitch and plays an absolute dream, with a lovely sweet sound, quite different to my 1980 Crabb Anglo even though both have steel reeds. So there we are, I just thought some of you may be interested in the instrument details, I'm off to play it some more now - - - - Regards, Andrew.
  15. One Banjo could, I suppose, just possibly be an accident - - - - but TWO ? !! Strewth, even my brother only has one tenor banjo, and he's barking - - - - - - - The Scottish small pipes do go some way to mitigating the banjos though Andy. ( The voices made me do it - - - - )
  16. I think I may be able to get you some professional help Chris, and we may even be able to get the n.h.s. to fund it --------- You could do with a one string fiddle and a bowed psaltery to round of your collection, but what on earth made you buy a banjo ? Was it the voices ? ( they make me buy concertinas and melodeons, - - - - - - -- -thats what I told Elaine anyway ) Andy.
  17. On a more serious note ( sorry ) I have just been checking the Edeophone again, and the note range is exactly the same as my Lachenal 56 key " new model " english. This one is an etended treble, so I guess that makes the Edeophone the same ? maybe someone with a better knowledge than me can confirm that the Edeophone was available in extended treble format ? Sorry about the snafu, at least it lets Chris sleep easy tonight after all ! Some more pics here - - - - Andy.
  18. I will see if I can add a picture here - - -
  19. Chris, you need to listen to these people, - - - - - -it's for your own good, and you know it makes sense - - - - - - Well said Greg, I could not have put it better myself. disclaimer - - - -I will not be held responsible for any divorce proceedings, violence to the person, or personal bankruptcy arising out of this transaction - - - - - - - P.S. Chris, you had better hurry, the Americans are circling even as I write this - - - - - - - - - Andy.
  20. Hmmm.... I wish ..... and it's so near to me! DH would explode though. ps presumably it'll need to be brought to concert pitch if it's untouched - can you check? Chris (in Northwich) Hi Chris, Sorry, I forgot to add this Edeophone is in modern concert pitch, as is my Aeola which dates from around the same time (1913), and that is a one-owner never been tuned too! If you want an edeophone in good nick, you need to get in the car and come and look at this one Chris, there can't be many left around now, and we are just N.of Burnley Lancs, about an hour away - - - - - Andy.
  21. Hi all, I have here a nice 56 key glass button Edeophone, circa 1910. Serial No is 48872, tenor/treble, five fold bellows,glass buttons, with case. This Edeophone was bought new by Mr J.B.Davies, and played by him only until he passed away a few years ago.It was left to his grandson P.Davies in his will, and Philip, who is a friend of 20 years standing, stored the concertina as he does not play. I only found out he had it by accident, and he offered it to me to buy.However I already have a nice Aeola, and I cannot afford to pay him what it is worth, so he has asked me to sell it for him. Before I put it on Ebay, I thought someone here might like to buy it, so you guys are getting first chance, then if no-one wants it I will put it on ebay after weekend. This instrument is effectively one owner/player from new ! and has not been overhauled/" tuned " / messed about with in any way, it is not in "brand new" condition, there are a few small marks on it,and some wear on the fingerboard as is usual,but the bellows are excellent and the instrument plays a treat, with the bright tone usual from these top of the range instruments. It is fitted with wheatstone quick-adjust thumb straps, looks like they have been on since new, and the case is one of the 1950's types, in good condition, it still has the key with it. Just out of interest, I was told years ago, I think by Steve Dickinson, that the original leather cases always deteriorated in the North of England, because of the atmospheric pollution !! and certainly I can back this up in my own experience. Funnily enough, the bellows and the leatherwork on the concertinas is unaffected ( thank goodness )maybe the case protected the insrument from the atmosphere as well as from other damage. At around 100 years old this is probably as good as it gets, it's condition is more like 20 years old. I have been advised by a dealer friend that £1900 is a fair price, so that is what I am asking for it. Insured post will be around £20 If you are interested, please email me, I can send photos if required. Andy. ( location N.England nr Manchester.) andrwcly@aol.com
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