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  1. Worked out very well. Concertina must of had something that a number of people wanted. Had 10 different people bid on it and winning bid was $166.57 with $19.00 shipping Hopefully that person will enjoy it. Thanks again for the information. Cape May Ray
  2. Thanks again for the help. Decided to sell Concertina and just listed it on E-Bay for $19.95 and got a bid right away, so at least some one who wants it will get it and be able to have some fun with it.
  3. Thanks for all the help. I did do the search on the site like suggested before I asked the question. Found it was a little confusing not knowing what I was looking for. I appreciate the answers to my question and now have a good idea of what I have and what they were talking about on the search site now. Think I will list it on Ebay and let some one else have some fun with it as I don't have time to learn how to play it.
  4. I don't play any musical instruments and have a Scholer Concertina with 10 buttons on one end and 10 buttons on the other end with a button that releases the air in the bellows. Know it is a Scholer as it has a gold metal piece with two birds on a globe. Got it from my father-in-law when he passed away. Never knew him to play it and do not know where or when he got it. It is in a 6 sided green box and look like it was never really used. The only identifying marks on the concertina are a sticker that says double organ and plate that says made in Germany East. The ends are capped in metal and have metal corner plates. It has 4 sets of bellows with three plates between each end. The outer bellows consist of 3 sections each and the two inter bellow sections have 2 bellows each. The plates and end pieces all have metal corner plates that are nailed in. I have searched around on the internet and can't find any thing that can help me on the Scholer Co. Or any pictures of any concertina that looks anything like this one. Do not know if it is a junk one or a decent concertina. Any help of any kind would be appreciated.
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