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  1. I have successfully made screws for a lachenal, the originals seem to be 42 to 43. Tpi my 1940 lathe could manage 44 which is close enough as thin as the “nut” plates are. You need to make a tool that supports the thin shaft as you turn it, otherwise it bends and you get a conical screw! the similar fixture with a vee tool holds it while you cut the thread. you need to cut the thread in one pass. I had to round the tool just a little, the sharp vee was just too much of a stress concentrator, and the first ones broke too easily, looking at the originals Lachenal made the same discovery the bottom of his threads are rounded.
  2. Try Jaye at Musicedam - obviously in Edam, she plays a Wheatstone and repairs and tunes concertinas and other free reed instruments.
  3. The screws used in old concertinas were put together before screw threads were standardised, I have two EC’s that use very long thin screws that appear to use a thread pitch of 42.5 threads per inch. You wont buy these new. Try Mark Aday at Concertinaspares.com (in Wales, UK) he has used parts.
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