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  1. Ok thanks to all your precious tips I made up my mind and I'll go with the extra buttons, as well as with the 7 bellow folds. I'm so glad Colin and Rosalie are such very kind persons to deal with, it was worth to know them even if their instrument wasn't the amazing masterpieces them actually are.
  2. ... which dates from 1999. I know very well that instrument... u amused me many times on youtube, Thanks for sharing!
  3. It is a really amazing piece of art! Congratulation
  4. Thank you Richard, indeed I explained Mr Colin long ago which was my preferneces and he is already going with wood ends.
  5. Indeed I was afraid for the extra weight, thank you for the tips (and for the congratulation :-) ) I was wondering... with so many Dipper concertina around (20 at year I've read) where are all the pics of them? I just saw very few and will love to see more... anyhow I'll surely add mine once will arrive, stay tuned.
  6. Playing anything which beats FAST (and it is Irish):-)
  7. After many years waiting for it, finally a very welcome email from Colin and Rosalie informed me my concertina was well on the way. Colin told me it will be very similar to the model he made for Claire Keville (if someone have a good pic of her concertina would love to see... her clips on youtube are so dark) The instrument is in a dark red/brown hardwood (I dont know if the sides will be in metal or in wood, dont want to bother Colin asking for details, is enough to me will sound like a Dipper afterall!) I'm writing becouse Colin asked me if I desire 30 or 34 buttons... so far I played on a 30 buttons concertina, and I dont know if I really need those extra notes... someone can drop me some suggestion? Thx Dario
  8. Just becouse from concertina.net front page seems you are not aware of it, I'm happy to comunicate that the new Noel Hill album is avaible from Custy's from Friday 29/07/2005... I'll attach the mail who comunicate me it: ________________________________________ Da::::::::::::: [::::::::::::::] Inviato: venerdì 29 luglio 2005 8.57 A: dario:::::::::::: Oggetto: Re New Noel Hill release Hi Dario! Noel Hill has a new concertina album out and I'll have it later on today. He contacted me earlier and is happy with the result - 18years since"Irish Concertina". I should have it on the website later on today. Regards! http://www.custysmusic.com/mall/CustysTrad...uct-2576268.stm
  9. My wife liked more the Organetto sound, she think the concertina is too dry (harsh), but she definitely like more the Irish tunes then the waltz and tarantella I performed before, and she is more willing to play along with me at her viola. My brother definitely like the concertina more! Him just bhought a tin whistle from Busmann to play with me (him know how to play clarinetto, hope will learn the new instrument fast)
  10. That's a good idea John! I could not find a way to sort out on the ICA web pages the member list, may you help me in the task? We r so few here will be nice to be able to stay in thouch, share our experiences, organize session or even trip togheter to the UK and Ireland to meet u or other cnetters and breathe the atmosphere who had give the born to the tunes we like so much
  11. Is nice so many of you went in Rome, if someone is planning another trip here I'll be more then glad to plan a meet, I'm not a skilled player at all, but you guy seems all so friendly I'll be happy to spent few ours togheter, walking on the forum, visiting again galleria borghese (I belive the best museum here), or anything else you may like! I used to play the organetto (a Castagnari), but just sold it on ebay to start save money for a good concertina, so I've not an instrument in which I'm skilled to eventually play with you, but if you come with your concertina I'll be delight to watch you play. Ciao Dario
  12. Ciao Silvio, with me maybe we r 5 For what I'd been reading I think a good instrument can be an Edgley, I like the idea him is a skilled player and teacer too, I'm planning my self to place an order to him, u can ear sample of how it sound on www.concertinatom.com a really well done site full of beautiful tunes and pictures. I'm from Roma, if u r near my place maybe we will have the chance to play togheter sometimes. Ciao
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