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  1. Only starting myself and I haven’t even been able to download the Alan Day tutorial. But the tune seems to be in C so all on the one row. Apparently any left hand will harmonise of a sort with the right hand both on the push and pull. So get the right hand down and improvise the left by ear. Sure some one will give you a much better explanation tho. Good luck. I will continue to try and find out how to do the download!
  2. Thanks so much for this. As a very elderly learner I will gladly buy the book as I think that already knowing most of these tunes in my head will help in my playing of the notes and system. If it sounds right perhaps I am playing it right!
  3. As I have been mentioned in dispatches I write to say that I am indeed the Dick S from the uk and can confirm the comments attributed to me by Heather. A fine instruction book I only wish I had enough time left to learn the all the tunes!
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