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  1. Are you still looking for a Wheatstone or has the moment passed. I have a 30 button 6” no. 51185.
  2. If that’s ineptitude would that I was so inept myself....
  3. Regret I am having no response to my emails (sorry Frank) so does anyone know the current purchase price of a Frank Edgley Heritage Concertina? Many thanks.
  4. If you are both new to the Anglo and reading music...as I was and you want to play Irish music, as I did, I would recommend The Concertina Diaries by Heather Greer. It will give you session tunes to play right off, give you the buttons push/draw, the name of the note and show it on the stave lines so you can learn as much as you want. It also comes with a slowed down demo disc of all the tunes in the book, some 47 or so.
  5. Well if you can work it out do please share and very many thanks.
  6. Well, when I say I play it in G, it starts on G, ends on G and the key signature is one #. So it’s in G to the best of my knowledge, but if it’s in some more obscure a.m. Dorian mode or other then I wouldn’t know!
  7. I’m playing the bog standard 30 key GC Anglo. Not that I have ever used all the keys yet! And play the tune in G. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. That version is just so much better than I play that I don’t know if it encourages me or discourages me!
  9. One persons enthusiasm causes another’s depression! Feeling pleased with myself at having this tune learnt in D, go to a session to be told it should be played in C. Then this post enthusing about the bass and chord options which at this time are absolutely beyond me. Ho hum.
  10. I don’t know the etiquette but many thanks to all who responded with offers, links and suggestions. Hoping that an offer of informal lessons locally comes to fruition.
  11. I have noticed the occasional post for Anglo lessons. Is there anyone available in the Berks,Bucks, Oxon area of the Uk? Any help appreciated.
  12. As I had no idea what a 1/4 comma meantone was I looked it up. (Wikipedia) And the construction of same. I’m none the wiser now! Best stick to just learning the dots and practising me thinks.
  13. Dave Lees was/is trading as concertina-spares.com may well be one and the same and has done a repair in the past.
  14. Just to conclude the topic, purchased a Lachenal from Chris Algar. No pressure, no hard sell, try before you buy. In fact try as many as you like! Thanks for recommendation.
  15. As a complete beginner but having this book I would suggest 28 of the 47 could not be played on a 20 key unless one of your keys happens to be c# which would enable you to play in the key of D. I rather hope that someone else with more knowledge than I replies or even Heather herself with a difinitive figure. I do apologise if I am wildly out.
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