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  1. Hello Félix, Bicos para Ourense!! Yes, I requested Musical Dumboa as well. No response.
  2. Fo that reason I directly asked accordionary.com about a previous checking similar than button box, with the necessary charges.... but they failed at this point. ..." do not think all you read in internet ".... told me the dealer after my advices....
  3. I don't think so. One of the leaks was, litterally, a small hollow... The accordion technician that checked the Stagi told me: "it is difficult to think the instrument is enterely made in Italy..., as regards as that ( and another ones) defficiency.
  4. This is my first post. I wish all you a happy and musical new year, from Spain!. Briefly: my recent experience (december 2017) on purchasing a new Stagy hayden in Europe. Five dealers were requested (from five different countries, Spain as well) by using their own webs: only two responses received (from Germany and Sweden) . I found the swedish dealer (accordionary.com) to have the more kind and fast attendance. In addition, they promised (no extra charge) both to ensure a tuning of the instrument to A442 and to make eventual adjustments (in similar manner than offers button box) to ensure a perfect playing condition before delivery. So I made a partial pre-payment for a Stagi hayden...., after which… accordionary.com advertized me the tina would be sent directly from Brunner Musica (the builder), without a previous check by the dealer. I received the instrument (with delay) in perfect A442 tune, as promised. Only three keys make a light buzzing, not so problematic by the moment . But some loss of air seemed to happen An accordion repairman in Madrid made a general checking under my presence, ….and showed me two leaks in the wooden reed block of the left side… Conclusion: unfortunatelly, to buy a new Stagi (hayden) in Europe continues to be a challenge…
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