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  1. I always had aching thumbs when playing my EC until I did this modification. It did not have to bore additional holes and I used spare bits I had at home. Only the design leaves sth to be desired, I am very happy otherwise. Cheers Edward
  2. Here are a few pics. On the right hand side, I have restored the fretwork. The work isn´t finished and I am not sure whether I´ll try to make it unrecognisable from the original or let the differences show so it is clear what is new.
  3. I’d say a simple tutor, 48 keys, no bushing, wooden ends with simple fretwork and bone keys. Four folds. I’ll post pics.
  4. Hello, I have recently purchased two Lachenals, one is an English serial no. 42538, the other is a Crane duet no. 624. According to the guesstimate in the faq they would have been produced in 1905 and 1870 respectively (the seller gave 1891 for the English, not 1905), but the faq states the formulae are rather incorrect. Please help.
  5. Got it now, but I cannot place a bid - it says ‘seller does not ship to Germany’.
  6. I still cannot find it. Could you provide the link, please.
  7. Could you post the link, please?
  8. I can only see one pic. But honestly, as a long-term modeller I don’t think anything would be beyond repair and I would definitely give it a try. Yes, I am interested ...
  9. Hi Pete, do you have sone pics? I might be interested. Cheers, Edward
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