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  1. This has found a new home, and local. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Hello there, I have a Scarlatti 30k C/G looking for a new home and willing to part with it free and gratis. It’s only lying in the corner while I doodle with my Morse. It’s in its bag. The left G/A key is a bit stiff which could be down to the lack of use. I’m in London so best if someone there wants it so as to avoid shipping etc. If of interest, do get in touch. Thanks Kevin
  3. I found this: https://www.johnkirkpatrick.co.uk/gigs.asp Fri 16 Oct 2020 to Sun 18 Oct 2020 The Church Barn, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire ANGLO CONCERTINA WORKSHOP WEEKEND Chords and Keys on the Anglo. Full details to follow soon
  4. The Rolling Wave, on RTE Radio, featured this resource with Aoife Kelly on, I think 20th October just gone.
  5. I came across the following as a plug for The Rolling Wave on RTE radio this evening, not that it ever needs a plug: Tonight at 9pm on The Rolling Wave we’ll be listening to the music of the late Kitty Hayes. We have an interview from the archives with Kitty and Josephine Marsh and we hear how Kitty began playing again after a 45 year break! It will be available on their archive. I also saw this lovely piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVHyBTPfVMY Kevin
  6. I bought my Morse Ceili from Accord et Musique in Lyons. Very pleased with it and the shop. They packed it well and sent to me in London. They are an accredited distributor so they may still have one (or I picked up the last they had.....). Worth trying. http://www.accordetmusique.fr/concertinas/ceili.html
  7. Not videos but audio... In case anyone interested, The Rolling Wave on RTE last night presented the final programme of a series looking at RTE and traditional music, from its earliest days. It was superb. As part of a sequence on women and traditional music, recordings of both Mrs Crotty and Kitty Hayes were played. Great playing. https://www.rte.ie/radio1/the-rolling-wave/
  8. I started out with a 30 key Scarlatti, from Hobgoblin, which was fine and I have read good things about the Rochelle. I would say both are probably adequate as far as entry level concertinas go. If you are in London, you could drop by Hobgoblin and try it yourself.
  9. I suppose the question is ‘any good for what’? I started off with it, as an entry level instrument, and found that I could play a tune. This was a big deal for me. I scaled up as I found there were limitations for me, mainly around the bellows and the key positioning (or my fingers). If you’re looking for an instrument to start off with, I had no problems with it but, as I say, depends on what you want it for and what you want to do.. Kevin
  10. Hello Terence, I bought my Morse Céilí from Accorde et Musique so if you do go there, have a try out on it. It is out of your price range but won't do any harm. I started on a Scarlatti 30-key (from Hobgoblin in London) which was fine as an introduction. I soon realised I wanted to 'scale up' and bought the Céilí. The difference is ridiculous but you're paying for it. Good luck Kevin
  11. Hello Lawrence, Are you talking about the Consairtín, in April? http://consairtin.ie/ Though I'm in London, I'm from down the road and it is on my radar but not sure as yet. Kevin
  12. Hello there, This is my first post and is just by way of introduction. I bought myself a Scarlatti 30-key Anglo in June just to see if I could play an instrument. With the help of Edel Fox, on OIAM, I found I could play some tunes (or at least find my way around the buttons), and could do so enough to recognise some limitations of the Scarlatti. Today, my Morse Céilí arrived from the great people at Accord et Musique, and what a thing of beauty it is. There is such a jump between the two that I was expecting, but wasn't sure how it would manifest itself. Really looking forward to getting to know it. Btw - I think this forum is great. Kevin
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