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  1. Hello Terence, I subscribe to both of them (not at the same time ? ). There are nice tune on both side and no overlap. IrishConcertinaLessons is a newborn site and have only access to beginner part, where you’ll learn fingering for each tune (which is great) and eventually an alternative. I personally really like the tune “Fig for a kiss”. The down side is that she does not teach ornamentation at all in beginner section (I think an advance beginner could already start basic ornamentation or double note to emphasis the tune), that was the biggest disappointment for me but no big deal. OAIM: You have access to beginner and intermediate, both have lessons going on (and from various teacher) and ornamentation. I don't feel that it is less modern ? (also have mp3, pdf and video). At the end both are great, I probably should have wait for the intermediate lessons next year in IrishConcertinaLessons.com. Best
  2. The end looks exactly like this Lachenal.
  3. I asked myself the same question about the Phoenix, it does sound pretty good ! But like you said, she is a very good player and can make the Wren sound pretty good too... My story: I bought the Wren and decide to send it back for a refund. They have a good refund policy so you can always order the Phoenix and send it back if you don't like it ! Good luck and in that case, please tell us what you think about the Phoenix ? I decided to go for a vintage 20b, cheaper and usually very good if well restored (better buy from a known seller/shop). But now looking for a 26b. For a 30b, I understand your choice concerning the Phoenix. Nicolas
  4. Thank you for your answer !! Lots of information here, this is very helpful and instructive (I'll get back very often to read all this again). It does reconfort my choice...why not brass reeds after all :-) But more for home use so eventually I don't care if not modern pitch... I understand better the "slow" thing. And that brass reeds are more sensitive and airtight bellows is critical... I'll probably do my experience so I can answer to the next person asking about brass reeds ha ha I already bought a concertina from Chris and I am very happy with it ! Chris Algar just does not like (at all) to describe sound or kind of sound (mellow, harsh, warm,...) so it is not easy to buy online. Nicolas
  5. Hello everyone, An old discussion back again... I like to buy a 26b anglo concertina and I actually think about going for a George Jones Anglo concertina with brass reed (from Chris Algar), because cheaper than steel (budget) and I like the mellow/warm tone, but never tried it. I read on many place that brass reed gets out of tune quickly and is slower to speak and can break. Then I stumble upon harpomatic post in this thread : Here is a part of it : "Now, when both of my concertinas are equally airtight, here's what I get: 1) no rust or corrosion on brass reeds - reeds look brand new with just a swipe of a brass cleaner 2) reed responsiveness is the same on both instruments 3) dynamic range is the same (will elaborate a bit further on that): the brass one can be played much more quietly at the extreme low volume limit (whisper level, you can play next to someone sleeping, without waking them up). 4) sound is indeed, very different. 5) volume is not as different as it seems, and as common opinion would have it, and here comes my "elaboration"...." Here are my remarks/questions : a) Brass reeds gets out of tune: Chris Algar told me that it does not get out of tune… (I guess he meant for "home use". Probably in session if you play as hard as possible, it can get out of tune...) b) Brass reeds can break: Apparently this is true but in what condition ? Those vintage concertinas are eventually 200 hundreds year old and the brass reed are still there ! So I guess it does not break that easily :-) c) Brass reeds slower to speak: Reading harpomatic post saying "the brass one can be played much more quietly at the extreme low volume limit", I understand the opposite, it is super-fast to speak ! And if slower to speak, what does it mean ? Does it need more air ? Is it in all register or only low register ? The final question is can Irish tune can be played on a brass reed concertina ? I mean probably not super fast tune but I guess it is possible to get it up to speed or this is the maximum speed here All input and experience welcome ! Thank you, Nicolas
  6. Thank you Takayuki, you helped me again :-) You’re an encyclopedia !!
  7. Hello ! I am looking for the name of this tune : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jdhwnrmvU8 Thank you for your help ! Some of you have an Irish music database in their head :-) Best ! Nicolas
  8. Yes promising ! I also like the "The Story behind the Tune" (something usually non existent in tab book/DVD...) Playing a Irish tune to someone who has zero knowledge of Irish music makes it much more interesting for the listener to know the story :-)
  9. Yes that's it :-) Thank you Ann ! Always good to know the name of tune when learning it :-) Love her selections.
  10. Hello ! Just when I was thinking it's getting difficult to find tune that I wan't to learn, just found 3 tune played by Breda Shannon & Bernie Geraghty class. I really like them !! (trying to tab this out right now :-) The tune name is pronounced out loud but I don't understand at all :-/ What do you think they are ? Tune 1 Tune 2 Tune 3 Is the name "less doesn't matter" (jig) !? Thank you and enjoy ! Best
  11. Thank you Roger, yes he was actually on tour, just got an email from him but the concertina I was interested in is sold
  12. I bought online a Lachenal 20 buttons (one year ago) and was quite happy with reed lounge service. The concertina was in very good working condition etc... (eventually one button needed more air to sound but I guess this is usually the case with lower end concertina). I send him some questions in order to buy a concertina but got no response since a week...don't know what is going on...maybe just too busy. Best
  13. Agree with the Online Academy of Irish Music, I found great tunes that keeps me going ! You get online video + downloadable pdf music sheet (no tab) and mp3. Concertina demystified is great too but not many tunes and get hard pretty quickly. But it gives information on chord/scale, also playing melody on right hand and accompaniment on left hand. Nicolas
  14. No worry Peter ! I still think about this concertina, unfortunately I cannot try it before I buy :-/ But I really need to learn this tune ! And I see it can be played on a 2 rows :-) maybe I'll just buy a 2 rows, a 3 rows is like 1000 euros more for the third row !!
  15. Man thank you, your an expert !!! Hmm so I guess I'll think a second time about this concertina...I was just going to buy it ? Love the sound though. But she still puts lots of ornementation...yes she is clearly a fantastic player.
  16. ok I think I got it so no problem :-) (watched the video in slow motion lol Anybody know the name of this tune ? best !
  17. I love this tune a lot (it’s a pity they don’t mention the name…). I am a beginner and trying to find out what she is doing with that Ornamentation on the 4th note (B). Hoping to find some help here ! The 4 first note are D-G-A-B + ornamentation... I can’t see if she is playing the B on right side on draw or left side on push. And what is the ornamentation note… I have a feeling she is playing the B note on left hand and the “grace note” a E on right hand… Am I on the right path ? So that would be Left hand: (push) D-G (pull) A (push) B^E(right hand)^B^E Thank you for any help !!
  18. Thank you snoot ! Good to know :-) just hope the Phoenix will be on sale soon ! I had the Wren but didn't like it so much... Just have to wait then :-)
  19. Just when I was going to push the buy button for The Phoenix concertina, the sale was over ? (buying it second hand if any proposition occur....) Best
  20. Thanks !! It is as beautiful as it sound !! (good way ? )
  21. Hello, Just discovered this video I like to share, called Prayer. I think it sound very good, different kind of music on anglo concertina, classical feel. I wonder what is his concertina... Enjoy !
  22. Hello everyone ! I am back to the concertina world lol After some time on a diatonic accordion, I definitely have more fun with a concertina. I am now looking for a 3 rows concertina that I can use for many years along… This Phoenix seem to be a good choice with tipo a mano reeds and 6 leather bellows… It does sound pretty nice to my hear (but Caitlín Nic Gabhann can even get a great sound from the Wren ? and not too harsh (very important !). And part of a review is "Especially,low keys sound marvellous." (love that). I tried the Wren and didn't like it but this one is 1000 euros more expensive so it can only be better. Any more review on this one ? (I hesitate waiting for a Lachenal but I cannot try it before buying and usually air tightness is not the best on vintage cheaper concertina, budget is low comparing to concertina average price). Best !
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