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  1. Will consider trade (or partial) for a 20b Lachenal with brass reed.
  2. A G/D in Jeffries Layout, curious if you can find one !
  3. This is a super tidy vintage concertina maker Jones, six folds original bellows in great shape. This is a lovely playing and sounding concertina, with good original concertina reeds. Looking for 850 euros. (Sold with local advert)
  4. Hello Everyone, --> Sold on other site Now selling a beautiful black finish Morse Céilí. It is number 1417, from 2018 so almost new. Barely used, still a smell of leather, handle and bellows are in great shape. It is a Jeffries Layout. With Tipo a mano option. What can I say more about the Morse that hasn't been said already ! : Super light and robust, super fast player, big volume and great sound ! I am asking 2500 euros (EU), sending from Belgium anywhere. (It cost around 2900 euros in EU or UK) Cheers
  5. ha ha thank Tiposx pointing to my concertina 😉 As a beginner, I am not qualified to really answer your question... But as I understand, there are reeds but also all the inside mechanic that matters. There aren't really a "better" one between Jones and Lachenal (for same category of course) but a matter of taste. As I understand, Jones have broad reeds which make a softer tone. Lachenal are more strident. And Jones have bushed buttons which prevent hearing the clicking sound. The problem with vintage is that they are all somehow different depending of years of construction, if played a lot and all...The best way is to try it but of course it is not always possible 😉 Maybe this article about Jones can help you a bit: http://www.concertina.com/butler/butler-story-of-george-jones.pdf Good luck !
  6. Just find out I forgot to put pictures 🙂 Nicolas
  7. I forgot to mention a trade is possible, trade = not loosing money 🙂 I am looking for a Hybrid concertina in Jeffries layout, a trade is possible for a concertina of same value.
  8. Hello Gregor, this is the precise layout. No problem for a zoom. I am sending a pm.
  9. Because of vat and tax import. To Belgium they are huge ! It is true there can be arrangement for private sale... But things have change now, I am selling my concertinas to save up !
  10. Hello everyone, Saving up to buy a Hybrid concertina with Jeffries layout: This is a super tidy vintage concertina, six folds original bellows in great shape. It has just been fitted with new pads and valves and tuned (from old pitch) to concert pitch. Compression is pretty good. This is a lovely playing and sounding concertina, with good original concertina reeds. Please find a demo video, no modification of sound: I am asking 850 euros , sending from Belgium. Will consider trade (or partial) for a 20b Lachenal with brass reed. Thank you Nicolas
  11. Hello everyone, This is the "Herrington classic" 30 buttons anglo concertina in C/G by Seth Hamon. State is like new, super robust for years and years of use. Featuring : - Stainless steel end plates - Action riveted - 6 fold leather bellows with decorative papers - Reeds Tipo A-Mano Voci Armonichie Italian made steel reeds - Wheatstone Layout - With Solid box Pictures and sound sample in attachment. Concertina is sent from Belgium, I am asking 1800 euros. I am looking for a Hybrid concertina in Jeffries layout, a trade is possible for a concertina of same value (trade = not loosing money 😉 Thank you Nicolas sample.m4a
  12. Hello Gary, thank you mentioning this, I didn't realize it is Wheatstone layout too 🙂 Just checked...Is there an accompaniment audios for this one ? (I am still interested if not). It is now on my list 😉 Still looking for the Edgley booklet though. Nicolas
  13. What !! Ho man, I feel sad for you 😞 And you just bought it 😕 This is a great concertina.
  14. 4 years later... I am looking again to buy this booklet, looks like it is the only one dealing with Irish tune on a Wheatstone layout 🙂 And I like Edgley style. I emailed Edgley but I am pretty sure it won't be available... Can anyone help me with this ? Any copy for sale ? Than you ! Nicolas
  15. Congratulation on your purchase ! I also bought one lately and I very happy too 🍺 yes there are no comparison against the Wren !! Nicolas
  16. Hello everyone ! I am back from a 18 months concertina break trying out tin whistle (great instrument, super cheap comparing to concertina 🙄 ) but now having the concertina bug again (wallet 😪). Just bought a 30b C/G anglo concertina and would like to share it with you (might help other in their search..). The concertina is made by Seth Hamon and I believe the model is called “Herrington classic”. Keep in mind I am a beginner wanting an intermediate or long term concertina: First the service provide by Seth was incredible from start to finish. I asked a video of all the notes played individually and received it within an hour. He is friendly and fully answered all my questions (can be a hassle ha ha). It didn’t take me a lot of time to decide to buy it… The concertina was incredibly well packed: A wooden box in a box in a box with a gap between them, nothing could go wrong. It took me a while to open it… The concertina is beautiful, craftmanship is top and it feel like a very sturdy and good quality concertina (wood differ from to other). A pleasure in the hand. Specifications : - Stainless steel end plates - Action riveted - 6 fold leather bellows with decorative papers - Hanche Tipo A-Mano Voci Armonichie Italian made steel reeds - Wheatstone Button Layout I was hesitant because of the Wheatstone layout, my main goal is Irish music. But I don't plan to play in session and maybe I’ll be interested in playing other style in the future… The sound is on the sweet side (what I was looking for), not harsh at all. It has a good volume and well balanced. On the right side: the more volume, sweeter the sound. Played very slowly, sound does have a few “parasite”. But I believe tipo a mano reeds get a little polished over time (no idea if this has something to do with it 😊). On the left side: Also pretty sweet sound, bass are well rounded, no resonance/cavern sound. They do play very well even at slow speed. Bellow isn’t stiff at all and does not squeak (or just a little). I have lots of pleasure on push/pull, getting a bouncy sound I really like. Now I have no idea if it is a “speed” concertina but reeds speaks quickly. Please find a audio record in attachment to have an idea of the sound (Please don’t care about the tune, it took me a while to remember it ha ha). Searching for a concertina was fun and a pain because I can only base myself on video/audio found on the net. I live in Belgium and it is impossible to try it 😕 During my search, I had in mind: The Phoenix, The Minstrell, The Clare, Marcus, AP James… I am very happy with this purchase, the sound is pleasing to me, quality is excellent, I know (hope) It will be years of fun (and not too much issue). I have no connection with Seth, I just wanted to share. Best Nicolas sample.m4a
  17. Thanks gtotani, nice playing 🙂 That is what I though about McNeela but at the same time not sure at all...But somehow your friend experience confirm... Between Phenix and Minstrel, I finally decided for a concertina by Seth Hamont lol The model he called "Herrington classic"....And I am very happy ! I will write a short review soon. Best
  18. Check also concertina by Hamon (model Herrington classic). I just got one and I am super happy ! I'll probably write a small review in about a week or so. The maker (Seth Hamon) is a member here and I was happy with everything including service. For a long time I have hesitated between many in this "price range" including Marcus, Phoenix, Minstrel, The Clare,... Not sure why at first but my heart went for Hamon's maker concertina. I just can't put it down (the concertina, not the maker 😉 ) Nicolas
  19. Looks like the Phoenix as a price raise of 50 euros ! Bump I was waiting for the sale, and I get a price raise ha ha For a "few" (hum) dollar more, I can get the Claire concertina which seem like a great handmade concertina...I'll think about it, not easy to find a concertina without trying it. But there aren't that many hybrid in Ireland or EU anyway.
  20. Thank you Geoff, nice playing ! Harry Geuns does not carry any Minstrel or Clover for the moment (and probably a long time) so it is not an option anymore. So Phoenix is the one unless something come up, I'll wait for a (recurrent) sale...
  21. There are only two source for online lesson like this...Oaim and Caitlín. They are both excellent ! But much more lessons at Oaim for the price. With Caitlin, you have to pay a membership for beginner or intermediate or advance. At the time I subscribed, only beginner section, I wasn't too happy because she doesn't teach any ornamentation at all... Glad the intermediate exist now ! I am a concertina beginner but play (read “have fun”) other instruments (guitar, tin whistle,...)...I just can't learn an instrument without knowing where/how/when an ornamentation occurs 🙂 I would say Oaim first (you have 4 courses !) then Caitlin. And there is a 14 days free trial at Oaim !
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