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  1. Hello everyone,

    I decide to lean toward Clare style, also fun to play 🙂 (but harder that one can think, Mary MacNamara dominates her concertina 🙂


    Anyway, as an eternal beginner, I seem to make more progress in that style.

    I am really looking to find a copy of Terry Bingham CD but can't find anything 😕


    If someone has a copy I could buy ? Or can help with having it as mp3 ? (don't want to steal anything and can send money to Terry). Better if the music stay alive than in a drawer 🙂 


    Thank you,

  2. 10 minutes ago, PaulDa321 said:

    I talked to Chris Algar about the Marcus the other day and he won’t ship it to the US since it’s on consignment. Seems to apply to you too Peter (hello from VT!). 

    This is probably because of the return policy...But maybe he will accept if you make it sure you won't send it back...

    But Chris is a man of value so not sure it will work.

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  3. Hi PaulDa321, no sorry never tried the Phoenix...It was on my "eventually wanted" list...but then gave up just because it felt strange to play Irish with a concertina made in China. 

  4. Hello Peter,


    I once got The Clare and the Clover (not at the same time) so maybe I can help...from memory !

    It is all very personal so maybe it will help, maybe not.


    Once owned the Clare and the Morse Ceili at the same time and had to choose one...it was a though choice.

    I did prefer the sound of the Clare but the Morse was much louder and bigger (large hand) and faster player (not me ;-)).

    Finally kept the Morse because of the louder sound that filled the room and also very light and faster. But then I sold it because the tone wasn't my taste; I did regret a bit the Clare.

    Anyway, this is to say I really enjoyed the Clare.


    I also really liked the Clover but sold it because the air button was kind of hard to reach...not sure why ! Maybe a bit misplaced or maybe because the hand strap was very thick (I think this is the reason).

    The Clover and the Clare are quite different...Here is a quick comparison (from what I remember 😉) :

    * The Clare :

    - Smaller than the Clover. I have big hand and it didn't bother at all.

    - Sound doesn't project as much as the Clover. It is kind of loud but not sure how to explain, it doesn't feel like it fills the room.

    - Tone is kind of sweeter, I want to say closer to a real concertina (meaning not a hybrid).


    * Clover :

    - Sound is Crisper than the Clare, louder, bigger size. It also has a nice tone but different, brighter.


    If you need to be heard (session...), I would choose the Clover.

    In a more intimate setting, I would choose the Clare (but still loud 😉

    If I had to choose today between one of them, I would choose the Clare because I liked the sound and air button was easy to reach (for me).

    Both seems of very good quality.


    Don’t know your background and goal, both are a good choice but will probably not be your last concertina !

    But a huge step up from the Rochelle 😉 






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  5. When I was saying "you don't always know which key they are playing in", I was talking about the concertina 😉

    Maybe I should have written in which position they are playing.

    What I usually do is to transcribe the tune as played then with abc online tune transposer (https://www.abctransposer.de/), I change the key to see which one is closest (meaning flow like) to the tune I hear. For exemple, some triplet ornamentations flows very well in one key but not the other...it's a match ! then I know they are playing with a C/G or a Bb/F or...Not always easy but fun 🙂

    Hope it is clear...


  6. 5 hours ago, LR71 said:

    I'm talking about writing down which buttons were used, not just the notes. 

    Yes that is not always easy from a recording because you don't always know which key they are playing in...

    Ornamentation can give some clues to where they are playing on the concertina. You can also eventually hear the change of bellow direction.

    Finding the way to play it is the harder part !! But a lot of fun 🙂 




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  7. Wow thank you for that in depth review ! So welcome. And you seem to be sooo happy, great for you !! and very tempting of course 🙂

    I am finally getting used to a 30b, or getting to understand the advantages (for Irish)...

    But yes so many tunes can be played on a 20b, and the extra button is great.

    I wonder why he does not had an extra on the left side too with a Bb...maybe the reeds are larger and no extra room for the size...





  8. Irish concertina Company is quite enigmatic, they seem to produce great concertinas (I tried the Clare and liked it) but can’t find one vid on youtube with someone playing one of their concertina !

    And it never show up on sale here…So they must be keeper.

    Please let us know what you think about your Vintage !




  9. For sale a nice 20b Lachenal anglo concertina in C/G with steel reeds and a new 6 fold black bellows (not sturdy ! Works super well). 
    It is nicely airtight and the 6 fold bellows is great for beginner (more air, less frustrations 😉
    Layout is standard Lachenal but this one has a low A on draw very left of G row, which is great for Irish, open possibilities, more tunes and chords.

    It has a nice set of reeds with a nice Lachenal tone. Fully restored by Theo Gibb about 10 months ago.

    A crack appear on right side; It has been professionally restored and does not affect sound or quality in anyway. 
    In fact, I owned/tried about five 20b Lachenal (always going back to them !), with some supposed super-fast rosewood one...But this one is my favorite ! 
    Nice player, tone and volume.
    Please check video for demonstration of the concertina (recorded with basic smartphone).


    Price is 550eur. Can send anywhere, from Belgium.
    Sad to see it go but 20b seem awkward now 😊






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  10. On 8/12/2023 at 9:47 AM, Takayuki YAGI said:

    One from 1:05:40 looks like 7 mount (smaller model?) to me.


    By the way I cannot find the 4th player (resulted in the 1st position in the competition) playing in the video. I only see him leaving the stage near 38:20.

    Am I missing something?

    You are right about the winner, he is not playing in the video !! so strange. Not sure about the model above (smaller 7Mount as a different figure for the logo in fretboard...)

    The one at 01:52:50 is definitively a 7mount small model. And I am pretty sure the first one too at 15:38 (logo on strap ?), and maybe the one at 40:02 too (she is my favorite, love her tune selection and style, sad she is not in the winner). Lol I see 7mount concertina everywhere.



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