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  1. I bought this used a couple years ago thinking it might be handy to have a second instrument to loan out, have as a backup, etc. It's seen relatively little use in that time, so I'm looking to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more. It's in the same condition as when I received it - some of the very high notes are stiff, but everything works. Includes gig bag. $200 + shipping (ships from central USA)
  2. I used MuseScore: I need to check and see if MuseScore plugins can create and edit lines yet. That wasn't supported the last time I checked, so I haven't made a plugin to make this easier yet. Unfortunately, I've never found an ABC solution that I was satisfied with.
  3. Here's an arrangement I slapped together a while back (notation is Gary Coover tablature). It's a mediocre (i.e. uneducated) attempt to capture the same feeling as the original, but I thought I'd share it anyway. On the plus side, it happens to fit on a 20-button anglo. Becalmed.pdf
  4. Yes, I should have noted the tune, which is "Regent Square". That's the most common tune here in the US, but I think folks in the UK typically use a different one. Good call on turning the concertina around - I'll make a point of doing that in future videos.
  5. This is definitely still a work in progress, but I wanted to share it anyway. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome! Angels_From_The_Realms_Of_Glory.pdf
  6. I'm no abc expert, so this is probably a silly question, but does it work to just paste the actual characters into a utf-8 encoded file? Are you certain that the font being used includes the characters in question?
  7. This is good advice. I recommend Git Kraken, which is free for open source projects. But I'm also one of those command prompt Unix/Linux guys RAc is warning you about, so your mileage may vary. 😉
  8. I'll cast another vote for GitHub. It's pretty much the standard for distributing open source software these days. I can't think of any competing service that I would be more confident in, either for trustworthiness or longevity.
  9. You can buy rolls of Velcro that have the hooks on one side and the loops on the other. Just cut a long enough piece off the roll and wrap it around your concertina (soft side in, of course). https://www.lowes.com/pd/VELCRO-0-75-in-Black-Strap-Fastener/1087893
  10. Oh, a Savart-style fiddle! Don't see those very often. Nice playing! I love the use of the picture frame - it's a fun twist on the composite video idea.
  11. Oh yeah, it can definitely be hard to tell whether the pinkie is just along for the ride sometimes. It doesn't help that the motion is so quick, either. It's great that Adrian could chime in to give a more definitive answer about his own playing. I haven't examined a lot of John Kirkpatrick's playing, so I guess I have to plead ignorance here. He definitely spends a lot of that video using his right pinkie to brace the instrument. I also see him repositioning the first three fingers to reach buttons (a little after 5:50) and at other times using the pinkie (cleares
  12. First, let me say that I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Also, I think you're asking an interesting question, and I hope my answer doesn't come across as sounding antagonistic (I certainly don't mean it that way). I think if you watch more videos of the players you mentioned, you'll find that many if not all of them do regularly use the pinkie fingers to press buttons. For example, Adrian Brown seems to be using his pinkies a fair bit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSO_Uzs6oZQ Similarly, I see Jody Kruskal using his left pinkie plenty in this
  13. I'm looking forward to this one, Gary! Thanks for sharing a taste. As an anglo player, this looks great to me. The parenthesized notes are a bit of a jolt, but nothing I can't get used to, I'm sure. I think it's a good solution to allow keeping each voice on its own line, which I like. I also like that the anglo staff shows the notes that I'll actually be playing, but that I can still find the melody in a more "ordinary" register in the other parts of the score. I agree that there isn't really room for the bass clef, but since it's not of much use to me personally, maybe I'm dismis
  14. I've used this with success: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0119NJSN6 I don't recall which size I used, but one of the ones in that pack did the trick. I haven't tried anything else, so I can't say if it's better or worse than other products.
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