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  1. Hi Gary,

    I have no "cowboy song" to submit, but I'm longing to buy this book when ready.

    Between gifts and personal boughts, I have now all of your anglo tutors. I find them very clear, "sober" (I mean without many "disturbing" pics or anecdotes). There are plenty of tunes ; I find them accurately chosen and sorted. Congratulations for this well-done work.

    So ! When this book will be ready, I would be glad to know it. :)


    I so agree
  2. I am strongly considering attending this years Boxwood Festival in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Just wondering if any of the Anglo players here have attended in the past. I just started playing in September so I want to be sure this would fit. It started as a Flute event but has grown considerably. They offer slow playing each day and a Concertina instructor.




    Any thoughts?

  3. I really appreciate all the suggestions and will probably try several different ones.

    And yes I was a math teacher. But I will have to go slow on any music theory because I am learning so many new things at the same time.

    I am really glad I was directed to Gary Coovers books because I can at least feel like I am making some progress.

  4. So here I am, 66 years old and just playing my first instrument. I am using Gary Coovers books but I really would like to read music. I live in a very remote area. There are music instructors but no concertina players. If anyone can suggest an app, a way to practice reading music that would be great. All suggestions are welcome

  5. I found Bob to be really very nice when I contacted him about my interest before it was listed on eBay. Unfortunately it was not in my budget. I am sure if you have interest in this instrument you should contact him.

    I also know that ivory or rosewood can cause real issues especially if you are crossing borders.

  6. I agree with Jody......don't do it....don't shy away from something that seems hard right now.....I know you want to progress fast but you must realize it takes a long time. Progress will be slow(it is for all of us) but do it correctly! You will thank yourself later.


    What tune are you trying to play that is giving you trouble. I find that most adult try to play tunes to hard for them. If this is so, put it aside and come back to it a year from now to see how it goes. Some tune just don't work on the anglo.


    Have fun!



    Sad thing is it is not anything very difficult. Just Fevre Jacque from Gary Coover's book. When I try to hit the little finger it comes out really weak. But I appreciate the encouragement and will keep trying.


    I was having trouble finding the above mentioned tutorial -- here's the current link.


    Just to let you know that my tutor is still there as a free down load if anybody wants it.

    It was recorded for Anglo beginners and is a help for twenty button playing.

    It was the way I found to enable my left hand to accompany my right.


    So isn’t still available somewhere? This link is not work8 g for me. Thank you for this

  8. So I understand which buttons on an Anglo are supposed to be played with my little finger but I find I dont do very well on my left hand for the second to the last button . I do much better if I use my ring finger. Is this verboten or sacrilegious? Will I be developing a terrible habit?

  9. I hadn't been aware of this song as yet.


    The High Ranters' version seems to be unfortunately not available in Germany - however the banjo version is very likable and gets me a bit hooked on the song, will give it a try I guess.


    Thanks for the hint!

    If you would be so kind to post a recording if you do

  10. Just want to thank you, Gary Coover. I have been playing Concertina for three months. It is my very first instrument. I attended NESI this year and Marta Vogel recommended your books and then Jody Kruskal explained some of how you put them together. They have been a godsend and I look forward to Cowboy songs

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