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  1. I think I've got an arrangement worked out, will know at the end of August. Thanks everybody!
  2. Well, I am moving to the sticks and it seems like a good time to take up an instrument, where only dogs and cows and mosquitos will complain. I have come to the conclusion after a week or two of obsessive research that I just do not know what variation I want, and I will simply have to try something. Anything. Anything not regularly disparaged on these forums. I have my eye on the usual suspects for new instruments, but I'd almost rather help someone else in their efforts to upgrade or change instruments by buying their current one. Open to all types at the moment. My budget (pre restoration) is $1,000 or less, and I am on a flexible road trip in mid-August, starting in Toronto, generally heading south. Or east. Or west. Somewhere, I haven't got a destination in mind yet.
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