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  1. In search of Don Nichols (USA), who purchased a Wheatstone Bass Concertina (Monty) from Roger Green in South Australia. Roger's widow is keen to know where "Monty" is now, and is he happy!
  2. I'm told that only Crabb produced instruments with plastic ends such as the one photographed. Is it that true? @Geoffrey Crabb
  3. It was nice to get a reply from Wheatstone but I'm still no nearer to determining whether it came from their factory or from that of Crabb.
  4. This from Wheatstone: "Ray Wheatstone made instruments for Boris Matusewitch in the 60s and early 70s under a Matusewitch label. They were made at Boosey & Hawkes’ Edgeware factory in London. Most of their English Concertina production went to him in New York. Most of the Anglo production went to Goode Durrant & Murray in South Africa. All instruments made by me are numbered 60000+. Best Regards Steve Dickinson C. Wheatstone & Co."
  5. Thanks Wolf, I appreciate your help.
  6. I have written to Wheatstone to see if they can tell me anything. When you say, "that period" Wolf Molkentin, what dates are you referring to?
  7. The serial number on the instrument is 0127. The ends are made of plastic! (shock, horror etc.) but it still sounds pretty good. It's more strident that my old Lachenal and has a very tight and "positive" feel to it. I borrowed a Crabb for a while some years ago and it "feels" like that instrument did, but I also played a relatively new Wheatstone recently and it also reminded me of that instrument. I've only ever owned older concertinas and playing the new ones is a bit of a shock!
  8. Is it possible to trace the factory where a Matusewitch branded English Concertina was made?
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