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  1. You should be able to get a rider on your homeowner's insurance policy. Your agent will probably use the purchase price as the replacement value, so you may need to produce your original receipt.
  2. Thanks for the interest. A donation has been made to Concertina.net
  3. Any interest at $2000 US? This is a lightly used instrument, made by Dana Johnson. It has a birch/resin frame, metal ends, delrin buttons, 6-fold leather bellows and genuine concertina reeds. Comes with case and toolkit. Some mild tarnish and corrosion on the ends, but is, otherwise, in like-new condition. Photos and sound files available for interested parties.
  4. This instrument is a birch/resin composite frame with metal ends and 6 fold leather bellows, delrin buttons. Genuine concertina reeds. Kensington standard layout. Comes with fitted case and tool kit. Has some mild tarnishing and corrosion on the ends, but is, otherwise, in like-new condition. Needs to be played more than I have time to give. Asking $2500 US. US buyer only, please. Will provide photos and sound file to interested parties.
  5. Yep. I got it , too. Lucky me. Some sex site. Can this sender be stopped?
  6. Try Tommy Nevin's Pub on Wednesday night, located at 1450 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL (north side). Call ahead for more information at 847-869-0450.
  7. I have attended the Noel Hill Midwest class on several occasions when it was held at the Marydale Retreat Center. The rooms are spartan, but clean and comfortable. Bathrooms are shared and down the hall. As I recall, the food was adequate...college cafeteria style fare. The setting is parklike, with nices places to walk and sit outside. There are shopping areas close by, if you need something. Check with Linda Mann about the enrollment. Sign up for whichever one has the smallest number of beginners. I've never seen Noel fail to separate students into three class groups, based on ability. If the beginners group is small, you'll get that much more individual attention. Hope this is helpful.
  8. Very good suggestions, here. Take the ferry across the river at St. Francisville. Folks used to sell boudin (local sausage) and pralines to munch on while you waited to get aboard. And, by all means, try some crawfish (boiled or in a stew called 'etouffe'), po' boy sandwiches and King cake. Yes, and also on Saturday, starting around 8am or so and lasting til noon, is a live radio broadcast and cajun dance at Fred's Lounge in nearby Mamou...just up the road from Eunice. You haven't lived until you've seen a room full of Cajuns (and visitors) drinking beer and dancing to a live Cajun band at 9am. Check with Savoy's on their session time, and try to make both. They can find the Fred's broadcast on the am dial while they are driving there. Ask local folks in Eunice and Mamou where to eat Cajun....Cajun food in N.O. is mostly tourist tripe (they do creole superbly, though). Between New Orleans and Eunice they should take the River Road a day or two before, and visit some of the plantations. Oak Alley is spectacular, and Laura's plantation is a classic creole one (pre-dates the 'Tara' look). If they get that far, the town of St Francisville is simply superb for old homes, churches, restaurants, and nineteenth century atmosphere. If they have enough time, Vicksburg's Civil War battlefield (and the town) are superb, as is antebellum Natchez, both on the Mississippi River. South of N.O., they can visit the swamp in Jean Lafitte National Park, the same outfit that takes care of many of the historical places in New Orleans itself. In the Atchafalaya swamp west of N.O., there are swamp tours to be had. Google. Daytrip from N.O. The Ivory Billed woodpecker sightings were in Arkansas, I forget the river...it can be googled. They have not been able to repeat the sighting; most now doubt that the bird was anything other than the pileated woodpecker.
  9. Here is a picture and a sound clip recorded on the H2. The original wav file was converted to MP3 so that I could attach it to this post. Connaughtman_s_Ramble_MP3.mp3
  10. I've just received my Zoom H2 and have been doing some recording to learn the features. If you're not familiar with this model, it's a budget-priced ($199) recorder with built-in stereo mics, powered by AA batteries or AC adapter and uses SD cards for storage (up to 4GB SD HC). It came with a 512MB SD card, tripod stand, mic clip adaptor, wind screen, earbuds, USB cable and stereo Y cable. The device is about the size of a deck of cards. The display screen is small, but readable. The light is timed to go off after 15-30 seconds, which is a little annoying, but there may be a way to keep it on. Basic record functions are accomplished by selecting the mic pattern (front 90 degree cardioid, rear 120 degree cardioid, 2 or 4 channel surround), then by several successive presses of the record button. The default recording mode is wav 16 bit/44.1kHz, but there are numerous choices, depending on how much SD memory is available. The MP-3 mode sounds pretty ragged, however. So far, I've been experimenting mostly with the 2-channel surround in wav format, setting the H-2 in a mic stand, using the adaptor, so that it's pointed at me like a microphone. I am seated about 4 feet away and the H2 is slightly lower than the instrument in my lap. The resulting sound quality seems quite good, rich and undistorted. My initial take is that, for the money, the H2 is a very capable little recording device. Will try to post some pictures and a sound clip in the next few days FYI.
  11. My minidisc recorder is going to Spokane. Thanks for the interest. Will donate a portion of the sale price to Concertina.Net. LF
  12. Lots of lookers, but no takers at $200. I will entertain other reasonable offers, if anyone is actually interested. Please see my original post for specs and photo.
  13. OK, lots of lookers, but no takers at $200. Sooo...make me an offer! Hi-MD Walkman with lots of nice features: 1. Tiny and portable, about 3"x3". 2. Records from multiple sources: USB-in, mic-in, analog-in, digital-in. 3. Supports all popular digital audio compression formats: ATRAC, MP3, WMA, WAV. 4. Stores audio, video, data files. 5. Transfers music easily to AND from your computer (PC). 6. Easy-to-read display. 7. Comes with 1GB storage disc, remote control, AC adapter, rechargeable battery, Sonic-Stage software CD, etc. Received as a gift, I've only used it twice. Buyer pays shipping and insurance within the U.S.
  14. I find it puzzling that the standard Anglo concertina layout has only one F#2 and 3 C#3's. Out of curiosity, I checked the number of tunes listed at the Session website in the key of Gmajor (1718) vs. Dmajor (1722) vs. Amajor (416). Clearly, there is a lot of potential demand for the F#2, but usually only one option for playing it: with the left hand, 4th or 5th finger, on the draw. This doesn't make sense for a couple of reasons. First, most people are right-handed and will never be able to develop the prehensile skill and dexterity in the left hand that they possess on the dominant side. Second, the 4th and 5th fingers of either hand are the least dextrous of all the digits, particularly on the non-dominant side. Third, playing F#2 is an oppositional activity; that is, one must press the button and pull the bellows apart. This requires considerably more coordination to accomplish quickly than a press-press set of actions. Finally, playing any note on the draw is inherently destabilizing because the bellows arm is moving away from midline and the support provided by the trunk. When I acquired Carroll #6 last year, I found that Wally had customized the layout to replace the standard C#3/D#3 on key 17 of the right accidental row with F#2/D#3. What a versatile improvement this has turned out to be! I now have the option of playing F#2 with the 3rd, and relatively dextrous finger of my dominant right hand. With the C#3/C#3 combination on key 16, there is no shortage of C#'s and the other one has not been missed at all. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has added an F#2 and what their experience has been with the modification.
  15. There are some surgical techniques in the pipeline that may revolutionize the treatment for degenerative disc disease. They will involve the injection of a gel material into the disc capsule, essentially restoring the disc's ability to cushion the vertebrae and relieving pressure on nerve roots exiting in the vicinity. It's my understanding that this approach is being tested now and is likely to win FDA approval in 2-3 years. Sounds like a long time when you're in discomfort, but if you can get some relief with conventional therapies and exercise, it might be worth the wait. Talk to your doc about that one, too.
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