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  1. I'm now retired and working on Piano. I gave it up twice, once as a child and once in my 30's both times because of pressure of work. It's not portable so I looked at guitar but that didn't work. Then I tried English concertina and it slotted in naturally. I'm more of a dots than an ear player and find the EC quite natural after the piano. (I play a lot of Baroque stuff so two hands working against each other isn't a problem).


    Why do people give up? Time pressure is one good reason - you can't find time for the work needed to improve. I gave up guitar because It wasn't working for me. I couldn't get the sound I wanted and knew that however hard I worked it wouldn't happen. EC fits nicely for a pianist because you have finger dexterity and can read music.

  2. The point of practice is to build up memory - both muscle memory and knowledge of the music. Short bursts help that by simple repetition of moves before you get tired - mentally or physically. Focused bursts mean you have a specific aim - a skill or phrase to master - you have to avoid practicing mistakes so you focus on getting it right - first time., every time. The important part is not the actual practice but the reflection on what you were doing and how to achieve your goals - that's the focus that allows the practice to seep into the subconscious and become a skill.

  3. The answer as to why the bagpipe scale is as it is is down to drones.  This - http://publish.uwo.ca/~emacphe3/pipes/acoustics/pipescale.html - has more information than anybody needs on tunings but makes the point that the notes have to be consonant / congruent with the drones to produce a nice sound. (?? a nice sound on the pipes ??). The principles of tuning are similar to that of an a cappella choir or barbershop quartet who also use perfect tuning to get accurate harmonies without unpleasant overtones which might arise from mean tone tunings.

  4. Same problem. Requested a new password yesterday. Logged in. Today tried it - got bounced to login page. Requested a new password - logged in. Just off to close browser and see what happens.


    Using chrome, got logged out and back to the login cycle. Got a password reset and got back in. Noticed there was no forum feed on front page.

    Tried firefox - first of all it complained that the password details were being sent on an insecure channel. Then we got the usual login cycle. Got a password reset and got back in. Closed firefox. Reloaded. Couldn't login again.

    Using latest chrome and firefox quantum on Windows 10 version 1803.

    Two thoughts - why no forum feed, and why the insecure password transmission?

  5. It's now called Unread Content at the top right of the 3rd level of menus just beside Mark site read. 


    Top level - Browse , Activity - which also gives all posts - Leaderboard

    2nd Level Forums Calendar Staff Online users Leaderboard - obviously VERY important

    3rd level - Where you are on the site , Unread Content, Mark site read. 


  6. I started on a Jackie about 18 months ago. It was a considerable effort to use. After about 6 months, I moved to a Lachenal - chalk and cheese - fast, smooth - very little effort needed.


    I think (hope?) I've made more progress since switching. Also some of the tunes I now play - Scots tunes in A Major - would have been impossible because it didn't go high enough.

  7. The host lodge is booked up because Swaledale Squeeze have booked it! Keep checking their facebook page. to see when booking starts and they get their website up. They're currently talking about mid March, As to getting to Grinton, try Google. I just did and got a weird and wonderful collection of buses and trains with a walk up the hill from Grinton to the Lodge itself. Trouble is that some of the events - ceilidh and final concert are in Reeth - a few miles away.


    The event starts on the Friday night and you have to be out of your accommodation on Sunday morning at 10.00 although classes continue til 12.30. Best thing to do would be to hire a car and spend a few days in Reeth itself - get a self catering cottage - it's a lovely part of the world.

  8. Another site I use suggests that you upload your JPG to https://postimage.org/ and you’ll be given a URL - it will also give you the thumbnail code as well.


    This is a book I just bought for example




    if you click on the image, it takes you to the postimage site for the full version.


    You can also get a direct link and wrap it in img tags or use the insert image button to get the full version directly:




    I am sure there are other sites that offer the same facilities.

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