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  1. Jackie is a Treble, Jack is Baritone.
  2. Thanks the advice Geoff, I am currently looking at Lachenal models, metal buttons, steel reeds around my budget
  3. Hi Emma, I can recommend the "Jackie" , Great entry level instrument for a reasonable price, well made and easy to play. I love mine, I am currently considering something vintage but will still keep my Jackie! if you are not sure about the EC maybe you could borrow one for a while to try it out? Kaz
  4. What are the advantages/disadvantages/general differences please: Brass reeds V's Steel Bone buttons V's Metal Thank you
  5. Hi there! Just joined this forum today I have a Jackie English concertina which I really love playing, however I am thinking of upgrading to a vintage instrument and would really appreciate any advice or suggestions on what models to look at ? my budget would be up to around £1000. Many thanks, Kaz
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