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  1. here are some pictures that i took for friends and not really to document the process. But they tell a story i suppose! if things still are unclear i would gladly answer questions. I decided to start putting pictures on my bandpage http://lyngfarer.com/concertinastuffs.htmland these pictures are there now. EDIT : mid January 2018. These bellows had a good run but ended up being a fairly lacking design in the end. I played them often untill november/december 2017 when they started feeling very flimsy in comparison to some of the nicer instruments i was lucky enough to try out. So i finish
  2. Thanks for all the replies! The argument against gussetless designs is a good one and made itself apparent to me when I tried out different ways of folding with thinner fabrics. A fix that atleast feels proper for now was to add an additional `reversed` fold on both ends that would have to unfold entirely before the bellows could be opened up beyond what is structurally sustainable. On its own and definitely when mounted in the frames it has enough strength to stop the bellows before the folds can pop out and it feels pretty absolute and unyielding. It would be interesting to make a mental
  3. Hi everyone I have really gotten excited about playing traditional music these last few years and ended up buying an old english concertina when I wanted to try on a new instrument to learn. I have been an active and touring musicican for years and years and have gotten fairly used to fixing and maintaining my instruments so i felt confident that I would be able to put the concertina back together or atleast make an informed guess as to when to leave it in more capable hands. The bellows where pretty much dust and torn apart in a very rough way. Even if I knew how to properly make bellows im
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