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  1. I bought this from Greg Jowaisas in 2010. It has a sweet sound, but for me it's a little too quiet and slow for playing in fast sessions with pipers, which is generally who I play with in C sessions. I love it's sound solo, and I think it would be especially fine as voice accompaniment. So I'm selling it, and asking the same price I paid 11 years ago. photos and sound file attached. I'm in western MA. I'm happy to set this up on right hand accidental row however you'd like at my expense. I'm the woodworker for Morse concertinas and have easy access to their help (if I need additional reeds) for things like this. Below is Greg's description: For sale: Bb/F 26b Jones with 5 fold bellows and steel reeds. I've reconditioned this concertina with new pads, valves and a bellows rebind. The bellows are airtight and sport new papers. The instrument is in tune A=440 standard pitch. The concertina plays well and has the warm sound associated with Jones broad steel reeds. $1200. USD + shipping and insurance. PM me with questions, for additional pics etc. Greg Recording (7).m4a
  2. I'm working on a 30 button Lachenal, and I can't figure out what's causing a note to play all the time only on the push, while it's well behaved on the pull. Pad appears to cover hole well, -valves in place. What should I be looking for here that I'm not seeing or understanding? Thanks!
  3. Hi Paul. I'm very interested in this lachanal instrument. How to proceed?. I would like a right to return, and would be willing to pay round trip shipping if I decided it's not for me. But I've been looking for an affordable Bb?F for some time now. Thanks! Al Ladd 413 624-3048 al@alladd.com
  4. This concertina is still for sale as of 9/25. I'll do the accidental row change, if desired at no extra cost.
  5. Theo, a laser will get finer detail. I'll have to consider this. Typically I would use .06" cutter for .125" depth, but that will not look very good. A .031" cutter might do, but best will be to follow up with a V cutter backing out of the fine points. Not quite as nice as sawn, (or laser) but pretty sharp. Example shown is a shape .6" x .4", one of the larger shapes in the fretwork. See examples.
  6. I'm the guy who'd do this work. I could indeed create a file from a photo, and it would be pretty accurate. But it would be tedious work on a screen with a mouse, and I'd have to charge for it. If someone who'd already done the work would be willing to sell one to me for a reasonable fee it would save me tedious work , and Paul a little bit of money. We're not looking for a hand-out. I'm familiar with dxf or .ai files, but others would likely work as well. I use Vectric Aspire for the cutting file creation for a CNC router. I understand how someone who possessed this might be hesitant to provide a tool to a competitor, and I've encouraged Paul to seek another who might already have these capabilities (like Bill above?) who might make his ends for less, but I'm definitely capable of creating them myself from a photo, so if you want to prevent a competitor from emerging you'd best offer to make them for Paul at a reasonable price. Al
  7. Doug-- I did nothing to expedite for 15 years. Frankly I had ambivalence whether I "deserved" it, knowing there was a shortage of good instruments, and I already owned a Suttner. But I finally decided that a faster, easier to play instrument would be a significant enhancement to my life, and I'll sell the Suttner (I hope!), so no addition to the world's net concertina inequality. Colin responded within a matter of weeks after I applied a strong, humor-laced letter about my 15 year wait. Then I sent him koa blanks(with his preapproval), and kept emailing at least once a month..... JDMS- I've never done Paradise City-I don't do many shows. My work sold mostly through: www.alladd.com.
  8. I just received the Dipper concertina I ordered about 17 years ago. It's a County Clare, with koa ends. I provided the wood --I make fancy jewelry boxes and koa is my favorite wood. I love my new instrument. It's speed and precision are amazing, as if I'm playing something like a whistle, where the finger-to-sound mechanism is direct. I look forward to being able to play with others, whenever the hell that will be possible....but it's great to have new joy in my solo playing in the meantime.17 years---and worth the wait!
  9. My wooden ended Suttner 31 key (D drone) is for sale. Instrument is Suttner #101. I'm the original and only owner. Well-cared for with no issues. Unusual right hand accidental row, but I will (at extra cost) configure (with help from the Button Box, for whom I make the wooden parts of their concertinas) to buyer's specs. Located in western Massachusetts. Sound file below. $3950 plus actual shipping cost. Recording (6).m4a
  10. This site : https://www.irishtune.info/ has transformed the way I learn tunes. You can search by tune name, and get a list with a listenable snippet, of many , many recordings going back decades. And you can sample tracks on any recording in their data base as well.
  11. This instrument has an on-approval buyer now.
  12. I bought this in 1997 from Paul Groff , at the time a Boston based player, teacher and restorer. It had a new bellows, but needed an overhaul. The Button Box did the overhaul, and many people have said it's among the best playing Lachanals they've encountered. I played it furiously for about two years, but little since my Suttner arrived . I'll have it gone over by the BB before I ship it to its new owner, but it doesn't need anything I'm aware of. I'd like to get $2250 for this Lachanal. My playing isn't the best on this playing sample (below photos) I made this morning, but it gives an idea of what it sounds like. It's a lovely, serious session-quality concertina that can make itself heard in a loud pub. Voice_004.amr
  13. first two times through.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab4v0sIM3RI
  14. Check out; https://greylarsen.com/shop/product/300-gems-recordings-mp3s-or-set-of-4-cds/ Use a repeat /slowdown program (like Transpose) to loop
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153023942496?ul_noapp=true
  16. Please see my post in general discussion for more.
  17. I'd like to offer for sale high quality wooden hexagonal concertina cases. I'm a professional box maker and a concertina player. I've been making the wooden parts (less laser-cut fretwork ) for the Button Box concertinas since their introduction. I recently received an inquiry for a concertina case, and I decided to go ahead and make a prototype of a case I've had in mind for many years. There are many challenges to making a good hexagonal wooden case. As many have identified, the case should be native horizontal, unlike the antiques. Any musical instrument case should be light in weight. This requires thin wood, and so excellent joinery to be strong. My case weights a bit less than the inexpensive conventional square cases sold by the Button Box. My prototype is made from butternut with ebony banding. It also has an ebony latch. The latch is designed to close and latch passively, so if the case is closed it's automatically latched . I can easily substitute a conventional brass latch, or if preferred, two of them. I haven't completed the lining yet. I'll be evaluating ultasuede, with rayon velvet and leather also in the running. The highlight of the case is sides that are dovetailed to the endplates. The case is very attractive, and it makes no secret of what's inside it. At it's required cost it won't be for everyone, but I'm hoping there will be enough interest for me to make a batch of them. I also do intricate inlay work, so I can personalize your case as you wish. See http://www.alladd.com/custom-boxes/inlay/index.html for examples of my work. I'm thinking about $450 as a starting price. I'd be interested to hear people's suggestions, and the general level of interest in such an item from the concertina community.
  18. Hi, Al Ladd here. I'm going to Catskills this year for first time, and have a couple logistic questions. I"m taking advnced concertina classes, and planning to camp (tent). I was thinking the Blackthorne best place, but I'll be without a car. So...is Blackthorne indeed the best place to camp, and would it be very helpful to have a bicycle with me to get around?Also, Ken, are you passing by Greenfield on your way out, or are you leaving from somewheere other than Central Mass? Thanks and see you all in a few days!I can be contacted via webmail form on www.alladd.com
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