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  1. Did, rather than do, a 1952 TRW, upgraded (!?) from rigid at sometime before it came to me with a 'sprunghub' rear wheel. Given the improvement in rear end suspension 'weighed' - excuse the pun - against the weight of a sprunghub wheel, it was like carrying an anchor, which was apt as it was an ex R.N. bike.
  2. ....and per another, key/button lay out, as supplied by P.O..
  3. Per a request, left reed pan, instrument is 8" across the flats.
  4. This is a somewhat regrettable listing for sale of this instrument which was purchased through the good auspices of the Forum just one year ago for my wife. From the outset it appeared that she may have some difficulties 'handling it' due to having very small hands and so it has proved to the extent that it is actually causing her discomfort to persist with. It is, as per the title, a 64 key, Lachenal 'New Model' Mccann Duet, information supplied at the time of purchase indicates that the lay-out suggests it was an exhibition or special order model, the serial number is 1865. It is typical in it's construction, black ebonised ends, silver buttons, rivet hinged levers. The bellows are in excellent order and it is very air-tight. All buttons sound as they should and are appropriately responsive. There are signs of superficial wear to the finish around some more regularly used buttons (historic) and one small piece of edge veneer missing which, as I understand it has been missing for many years. The instrument comes with the original hand straps which are verging on un-serviceable due to age - previous / old stitched repairs are evident. The straps currently fitted are home produced for 'squirrel sized' palms, but it will also be provided with a brand new set of leather 'blocked' hand straps from Mark Lloyd-Adey which have not been fitted. The original Lachenal lined leather case will come with it. It is still viable, but more so for display and the instrument itself has the benefit of a purpose built lined/padded concertina case. I am going to 'borrow with pride' ( aka 'pinch' ) a couple of links to the instrument in action as posted with the original sale listing. http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-003 Maruxa.mp3 http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-001 Argeers,Christina.mp3 Any questions, please make contact by PM. I do intend to list on Ebay in due course if no one within the Forum family is interested, but it will not be for a week or two as we are Wessex Folk Festival next week. I would be happy to post to the Uk, Europe, or 'Worldwide' at cost and at an agreed level of insurance bearing in mind the limitations in cover for damage in transit. I am not sure I known enough to put a value on the instrument other than to seek to cover our outlay, so would be happy to find a new home for it at £1500. Am having some trouble with image loading, so hopefully pictures will follow in #2
  5. Folks, I want to say how grateful we have been by the overwhelmingly positive response of members and offers both on the thread and via PM. We have agreed a purchase and my good lady and looks forwards to becoming an active participant in her own right in due course. Un-knotting her fingers to type may be the first challenge Very many thanks to everyone. I have her initial practice sessions to look forwards to. Long walks with the dogs may be the answer
  6. I have sent reply via PM.
  7. I found the listing....undoubtedly a wonderful instrument, but a little advanced in value for where we are starting out from, but thanks for the option.
  8. Many thanks for that, have called....ansa-phone for now, but will try later. They may be a little too 'nice' but worth an enquiry.
  9. I would like to purchase a Duet concertina for my wife. I have researched the advice re. system/ key / button numbers and what is 'adequate' and what is better, or best. Ideally she is looking for an instrument to accompany solo song, so 'system' not important. I have an interest on one currently, but, fate being what fate is, sometimes it needs a little 'push' ( as well as a pull ) so I thought I would just mention it here in case a better option is available in the hands of someone who was about to offer one up. We are on a shortish time scale regarding our current option, so if we take it, I may well be asking too late. Uk based, not afraid of some 'work' or further investment into the right instrument if needing it.
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