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  1. Hi sprunghub,


    I could probably help with the transaction. We *may* be visting Wales in June, so I may even be able to drop off the parcel to a post office once in the UK, but given these times, I can't make a promise.


    There are two reasons why German sellers may be hesitant to sell outside continental Europe: 1. The money exchange process is totally unpredictable. You may lose a good amount within the banking system. Been there. 2. Insured shipping from mainland Europe to the British isle is perversely expensive (when I sent my Wheatstone to Norwich for maintenance, the cheapest I could get for insuring the value of the instrument was around EUR 100), so if both sides want to be safe concering insurance, it'll drive the price up. If I were in the middle and would need to send someone else'e concertina from Germany to the UK, you bet I'd want to make it as safe as possible...


    Send me an email if you think that's an option!


    Stay healthy! RAc


    1. Sprunghub


      PM forwarded....

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