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    Modern Song Help?

    Wow thanks so much for the help on this! I'm laughing at the thought of Angus rocking out on a Concertina instead Thanks again! Andy
  2. Shandy Andy

    Modern Song Help?

    So I'm really new to this concertina but really have enjoyed playing through the Easy Anglo 1-2-3 book. I can read the tabs pretty well which is great since I can not really read music otherwise. The tabs makes sense to me. Reading music, not so much So my questions is I need to learn AC/DC Back in Black Intro bars (the beginning 4 bars that repeat a bunch). I'm playing on a C/G 20 button Anglo. And I'm pretty sure that song is written in the key of E after researching it. Does anyone know a website or place that can help me get those 4 bars into tab form for the Anglo I'm using? I know nothing about how to transpose or anything like that. Just need those 4 bars nothing else. Any thoughts or help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!