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  1. Thanks very much for your replies. I will get back in a few days with more information and perhaps some pictures. You are probably right that the keys are made of bone. I had an accordion repairer adjust the air button for me many years ago. I think the reeds are steel and they did not seem to be rusted as they all seem to play OK, not madly out of tune or anything. Thanks, I know how to find out the key. I actually played it for a while but they key was not group friendly. I also played a three-row Hohner corona accordion for quite a while (diatonic), which I bought new. I would like to sellthat as well if anybody knows what I can expect to get for that! I am going back to my original instruments (which I have gave up for 10 years until recently) and mandolin. My idea is to buy a Gibson guitar if I can. I have a beautiful vintage Gibson mandolin. Anton
  2. Hullo there fellow members, I have a Jones Anglo concertina I would like to dispose as it has been sitting there doing nothing for quite a few years now. It needs quite a bit of work on it, It's not in a regular key (CG, for example), although I can't remember what it is off hand. The bellows would need improving a lot and a couple of the keys (ivory) stick. Should I just leave it sitting there as an ornament or is it worth trying to sell it to anybody? Is it worth anything at all? Thank you in advance for your advice. Anton
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